Office Review - Pastrick Prefers Cash over Insurance,
Johnson City, TN

Breast Reduction

acct1990, Johnson City, TN

Doctor Review

20 Sep 2016
Updated 4 days ago

Office Review - Pastrick Prefers Cash over Insurance - Johnson City, TN

I tried to schedule a consultation for a breast reduction with Dr. Pastrick, but when I told them that my insurance had already approved the surgery, I was told that he would not be doing any "insurance reductions" until March of next year. However, if I was a cash paying patient, he could get me in sooner. She said she would ask Dr. Pastrick to see if he could get me in before the end of the year and would call me back. I haven't heard back from them yet, and that was over two weeks ago. i am not sure if I should call them back or write it off as they really don't care if they get my business or not.