Simulation of Results Not Blowing Me Away - Pasadena, CA

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I am going to get my first tray on December 11...

I am going to get my first tray on December 11 this year, and will share my experience in detail then.

I have just received the before-to-after-simulation of my teeth and I have to say: I am not impressed. Yeah, in the after picture they're straighter than whatever is going on in my mouth right now, but they're not beautiful to look at. The positioning is so similar in the after shot, it's as though the really rough edges have vanished, but the overall impishness of my teeth remain. Or, more graphically: The teeth I have now are horse teeth. But in the after picture, they are still horse teeth, just with less overlap.

Can I talk to my orthodontist about this? Is there a difference in how the teeth will look after treatment with each provider (like, some are more radically into straight teeth whereas some orthodontists are more "forgiving" with their definition of straight teeth)?
Or is this whole process at the whim of the Invisalign guys who make the trays?

Anyways, I included my actual teeth in the pictures, just for visualization. (I feel like I just shared a really private thing here, putting up pictures of my teeth. Is that really weird?)

And the $3000 dollars I spent are for Invisalign alone, just in case someone was interested in pricing. It's a 24-month case, $3000 for the trays, x-rays and office visits are not included and will probably run me at least another two grand.

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