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Cellulite has plagued me most of my adult life. I...

Cellulite has plagued me most of my adult life. I avoid showing my bare legs above my knees and miss out on things because of not wanting to wear a swimsuit. But now there is hope! As soon as I read about Cellulaze, my heart started to race. Could this finally be a dream come true, an answer to prayer? Every time a new cellulite treatment or procedure has debuted, I research all I can about it. Cellulaze is the first procedure that sounds promising, and the first one I have tried besides cellulite creams.

A little bit about me: I am 5'8" and my weight fluctuates between 130s-140s. My cellulite is Stage 3 moderate (eek!). According to my doctor, Cellulaze works best for those with cellulite that is Stage 2 to Stage 3 moderate (thankful I qualify!!).

Yesterday I had Cellulaze on the back and part of the side of my thighs by the amazing Dr. Sasaki, one of the trial doctors.

Before the procedure, I was excited. Yes, excited! I was completely at ease being in Dr. Sasaki's hands. I had one Valium, which did nothing for me (I usually need high doses of medication). I was hoping to be somewhat out of it to make the time go by faster, but was fine without it and time did not go by slowly. The numbing was not as painful as I anticipated. I do have a high tolerance for pain, but think it was more of Dr. Sasaki's technique. He does something so it is not painful, and he was also an anesthesiologist back in the day. On a pain scale, I would rate the numbing 4 - 4.5. After the procedure, I was not drowsy at all and fine to walk.

I did not take any pain medication until late last night when I was not tired and wanted to go to sleep. I took two and slept through the night. I changed the pads before I went to bed, which took me many attempts to keep the foam pads in place while hiking up the garment. Speaking of garment, mine is quite comfortable -no digging into skin. It is by Marena. I was told to wear it for a week, and as much as possible the second week. I do not need to wear Spanx or anything after that.

This morning I was in between sore and pain. I had soaked through the upper part of my pads, but after last night's attempt and coupled with being sore, I just added pads on top to tide me over until my post-op. I have been nauseous on and off all day today, and threw up everything in me, but felt better afterwards. The pain medication may be the culprit for the nausea. I had planned on driving myself to my post-op, but decided to get a driver because of the nausea. Thankful I did as that is when I kept throwing up! I also have a slight headache, which is rare for me. The drains (two in each leg) and pads were removed this afternoon - I did keep the foam pads to wear for the next day or two. The pain has lessened considerably since this morning.

Prior to Cellulaze, I started taking VitaMedica Recovery Support Program, which includes daily multi supplements, Bromelain and Arnica. It is ideal to start taking the multi supplements two weeks prior to surgery; I started them a little more than a week before. I started taking the Bromelain three days before surgery and Arnica the day of. I needed medical clearance and lab work before surgery.

In a week and a half, I am getting eight SmoothShapes treatments on one of my legs to see if it helps speed up the recovery process and helps the results in general. In the future, I hope to also get Cellulaze on my bum ($2,000) and front of thighs ($4,500).

I was completely at ease with Dr. Sasaki from my initial consultation to surgery. He is good. Really, really good. It is easy to see why he is one of the best and chosen to be a trial doctor. During the consultation he was very thorough about explaining the procedure and cellulite. I asked about touch-ups, and was told they are not needed. Dr. Sasaki and his staff are the Créme de la créme. Front desk, office manager, nurses and Dr. Sasaki are all wonderful.

The reviews and feedback by RealSelfers were extremely helpful before getting the procedure done. I know what to expect regarding recovery and expectations. I highly recommended reading through the reviews if you are considering Cellulaze. Plus we are a great support group! :)

*I will upload some pictures soon!

It is almost 48 hours since I received Cellulaze...

It is almost 48 hours since I received Cellulaze and I feel good. The nausea and pain are gone. Now I am just tender and sore. The bruising is not as bad as I was expecting, and think the supplements helped tremendously. Since the drains were removed yesterday I have barely leaked. Dr. Sasaki massaged the legs after removing the drains to get out the excess (it felt like a deep tissue massage). I just posted pictures.......eeeeeee! It is not something I would normally do, but hope they are helpful!

Day 5 Post Cellulaze: I am feeling good! The...

Day 5 Post Cellulaze:

I am feeling good! The soreness while walking is now very slight, and feel the soreness and tenderness most when pressure is applied. I gingerly sit down and get up and roll in and out of bed. I have been taking things easy and letting my body focus on repairing itself.

Below is a picture from Day 4 - bruising is colorful! There is more bruising on the right leg because that leg had more cellulite.

The nurse forewarned me that my legs may start to itch, and by the end of day 3 they were ITCHing! I wanted to rip off my garment and scratch! Thankfully it lasted less than 24 hours. I was thinking that it was going to last the remainder of wearing this garment!

Thankfully my sleep has not been impaired. I thought that maybe for the first week it would be uncomfortable to sleep, but I have been fine. The first night I was more hot than usual; almost sweaty. My body must have gone into full-on repair mode!

In 10 days I see the doctor and have my first SmoothShapes treatment. Looking forward to what he says!

Day 10 Post Cellulaze: I woke up this morning...

Day 10 Post Cellulaze:

I woke up this morning feeling different! Soreness is gone and legs feel lighter. Legs are still numb, firm and tender, but do not have to be as careful when sitting down now.

There is a bulge on my right thigh beneath my bum that I hope is just swelling and that it smoothes out soon. Other than that, I think I am seeing smoothness underneath the bruising!?

Next week I get to stop wearing the garment and meet with the doctor. Super excited for both!
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