26 450 Cc Under Muscle Mod Profile - Australia, AU

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Hi everyone I'm 26 getting breast augmentation 450...

Hi everyone I'm 26 getting breast augmentation 450 cc under the muscle moderate profile so about me.
I've been seriously thinking about breast augmentation for 8 years now I thought I would put it off in case it was a faze that I would grow out of but 8 years later I'm still wanting it so I'm guessing I won't grow out of it.
I was a small 10 d before I had my son weighing 65 kg and 181 cm tall after my son I'm a small 10 b 58kg on a good day ( and same height)
So for my frame I'm pretty small chested
I went and saw my surgeon 2 weeks ago and I am so happy he is amazing really nice guy seems to know what he is talking about I've spent hours on this site and had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted he suggested what I was hoping for without me telling him.
My husband is pretty supportive he doesn't think I need the procedure but accepts it's something I want to do we are having a cooling off period I think he is hoping I will change my mind Which I'm pretty sure after 8 years nothing will change in the next 39 weeks ( yes I've started to count down the weeks already )
So yeah that's pretty much it at this point I'm hoping to give you an update throughout the process as I have found this site so bloody helpful.
Marissa123 xx
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