I'm 24, Currently an A Cup and Have my 1st Consult Today :) - Australia

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Hi guys, I'm 24 years old and have an A cup at the...

Hi guys, I'm 24 years old and have an A cup at the moment. Very insecure about my boobs.
I have my very first consult today, at Parkside cosmetic.
I am slightly nervous, not sure what to expect but I've heard and read such great things about Dr Higgs and i am excited to chat to him today.
My bestfriend and I have decided to get them done the same day so we can go through the good and bad pain together :) we have chosen march 2015. Which is getting closer and closer everyday.

I'm still not sure what size I want to go, because I don't want to go too big but still want to look natural (not saying everyone else's is ).
I am getting confused with the sizes of the implants compared to As, Bs, Cs in bra sizes :)
I'm still unsure about under the muscle or over the top. I am leaning towards under the muscle but still not sure, What is is every ones opinion on under and over the muscle?

anyways I'll keep you all posted about my consult after.
Any comments or info would be much lyrics appreciated xx

The consult went really well!!

Hiyas. Had my consult late yesterday. It went really well.
I am going for gel as saline didn't appeal to me when he was describing it and explain what can happen when it pops :/
I have booked my second appointment for January. . As I'm doing the op in march :)
I'm still unsure what size too go.
As it gets closer to the date ill post a picture of before and see what you guys think.
So now it's time to start saving more Pennies ????

24 Years Old, A Cup, 5 Months Until my Op

So i have 5 months til my op, 6th may 2015.

im super excited and sligjtly nervous at the same time. :)
ive been trying to lose a little bit of weight as i probably wont go to the gym for a month after the BA op.
Does any one recommend what other exercises i can do after op that wont involve going to the gym.?
And what else would you recommend that i should prepare for before the opereation?

Dr. Michael J. Higgs

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