Trying to Get Rid of This Horrible Tattoo - Parkland, Florida

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So I got this hideous tattoo when I was 17.. Smh....

So I got this hideous tattoo when I was 17.. Smh. My first mistake!! Anyhow I have been attempting to have it removed at a local med spa but I am not convinced that the laser is working. I previously had a tattoo removed on my arm at another facility but it is far away so rather than go back to them I chose to try somewhere closer to home.
I have already had 3 treatments prior to the one Thursday. I have about 3 treatments left, if it is not clearing up I will have to bite the bullet and make the trek to the place where i know the laser works. The thing is the last one was just cursive writing and this one is a deep dark cover up.. Oh well.. We will see.

1 week after 4th treatment

Had to switch to a different laser

So I had to go somewhere different because the laser the place I was originally going to wasn't working AT ALL!! So I switched places and the pricing is much better so I decided to take care of 3 tattoos all at once!

I already see a difference in the first treatment on the first day!

I know you might think I'm crazy but I can already see some spots that are faded from just the first initial treatment. You might not because you're not used to seeing these tattoos but as long as I've been looking at these and hating them I'm telling you I can see where it's kind of faded. This is going to be so much better than the last laser I can already tell !

Getting ready for session #2

1 month after first treatment going back for my second. I have to say.. this laser did not make me blister AT ALL!!!! Amazing!

The evening after session #2

So this new laser seems to be working much better! Fingers crossed!

Treatment 3 with new laser

I think I may be seeing some progress, definitely more than the first laser .

1 week after treatment 3

2 days after tx 4

Slow but steady progress. It's been a long journey between the first laser not being effective and now this slow process. I am confident I will get where I need to be
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