27 Yo, 400cc Silicone Under UHP, transaxillary

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As I've found this site sooo incredibly helpful in...

As I've found this site sooo incredibly helpful in helping me decide I want to finally take the plunge, then answered all of my millions of questions I thought I would finally submit my own story! I've always known I wanted a BA but I thought I would save it for after kids. But seeing as I am not planning on having kids for at least 5 years (maybe 10) i decided to just dive in and get it done now and maybe get a touch up afterwards if necessary. I am tall (5'10") with a large rib cage and weigh about 145lbs. I don't want to look huge or obviously fake in clothing (very concerned about my professional reputation at work afterwards). But that being said I don't want to look/feel like I barely had anything done either. I'm currently about a 34B or a 36A depending on the day and my weight. As I already wear a lot of padded bras that make me look like a 34C-D at times I was aiming for a solid D cup while naked. During my consult my doctor and I decided the 400CC look good on my frame (bigger but still fit my body type and frame), and as I'm weary of nipple incisions and under the crease can leave ugly scars my doctor recommended doing it thru the armpit trans axillary (he is a specialist in this technique and says he does 70% of his BA patients this way).

400cc sizers

400cc sizers

This was my 2nd sizing consult, first time I was leaning towards something smaller because I'm really worried about people at work noticing or gossiping. However after sitting on it a few more weeks, when I came back I liked the look of 400 cc better. Plus I decided that my boobs at work are more easily hidden with cardigans and what I wear - and I'm getting it done for me, not my damn coworkers!

I think they fit my frame quite nicely since I am so broad shouldered and have a large rib cage.

Wish boons

3 days away... Nervous & excited & jitters!

I'm a few days away from B-Day and I'm feeling a bit emotional. My period is about a week late (due to stress & traveling) so I feel like my hormones are a bit out of whack making me more emotional than normal, I also have had a cold the past week. I was nervous about the cold pre surgery but I should be better in a few days and the anesthisiologist told me as long as I don't have a fever day of I would be ok.

I told my sister I was for sure getting it done about 10 days ago, she said she supported my decision but seems very disappointed. She keeps insisting I watch a documentary beforehand on how media shapes women's self perceptions. I haven't watched it on purpose and it kind of bothers me she is trying to get me to watch it now (already paid for most of the survey! Too late to back out and I don't want to!). Anyone else have these last minute jitters?

Boyfriend is incredibly supportive and took a few days off work to help me.

3 days before surgery, excited, nervous & jitters!

So I am only a few days away.. I am excited, (hopefully) prepared and also quite nervous. I have had a little cold the past week but the anesthisiologist said as long as I don't have a fever it will be ok. Ive been careful to not take aspirin and limit any cold meds I have taken.

Anyone else have pre-op jitters?? Feeling nervous!

Hello from the other side!

I'll have to add photos later, haven't taken any post op yet. Surgery went great, afterwards I definitely felt a ton of pressure on and in between my breasts (elephant on the chest) but no sharp or throbbing or other types of pain. I feel quite out of it from anesthesia but happily no nausea or vomiting which I was really afraid of since I have a sensitive stomach and get nauseous easily. I still have a dry cough from my cold last week so when I cough (rarely) hurts a bit but otherwise okay.

I was in the most pain right when I woke up until a nurse gave me an IV with anti inflammatory and some pain meds and most importantly my doctor came in and loosened the band/strap quite a bit! I think that's why I was in so much pain earlier this afternoon!

Now I'm taking an uber home, going to pick up my meds, start taking them to stay ahead of my pain and icing.

Boyfriend is amazing, he left work a bit early to get me and is going to cook :)

My doctor is very funny, he told me he recommends smoking some weed to relax my muscles and/or some light drinking to help relax. Apparently this helps relax the tightness even more!

As for meds go, only have two - a painkiller with Paracetemol & some opium (!!) and a muscle relaxer. Also I have been taking two stool softeners daily since Sunday so that's in my routine as well. No antibiotics, which my doc says is his routine (nurse told me he is known for doing things particularly). I don't question it, I trust the magician and his years and years of experience plus he also did some residency at Harvard!

Other than the band I'm wearing my own front zip sports bra, and can shower tomorrow below the breast. Especially as my incisions are in my armpits I cannot raise my hands above my head or shoulders etc for a week (will see my first week post op appointment). And I can take my band off Monday morning and shower above the breast, which is great news because I will need to wash my hair (or have my bc do it most likely) since I go back to the office Monday!

Feeling much better now than a few hours ago, hoping tonight & the dreaded day 2 will also be smooth!

Post op days 2 & 3

Ok, so I think (and hope) yesterday was the worst and I'm starting to com out of the woods. First night of day 1 and yesterday were the worst for soreness and pain, especially getting in & out of bed. My bf has to get me in & out of bed and even then that's the most pain I feel. Have been taking pain meds & Valium as schedule, trying to keep on top of my pain so I don't wake up panicked and in tons of pain. I slept most of the day yesterday actually, and have been sleeping pretty well. I take 2 Valium and 2 pain meds when going to bed at midnight, have an alarm for 5 am when my bf gives me another pain med, then again at 10 am for 1 Valium and 2 pain meds. Then the rest of the day I've only been taking 1 pain med every 4-5 hours. Aside from getting in & out of bed, I am still on my period (and it's a bad one!!) so I actually woke up last night in pain from period cramps and not my boobs. I also have had a dwindling cough from a cold I had last week. When I have coughed, it has been so extremely painful that I wanted to cry. So today I'm starting day 3, already feeling better than yesterday morning and I slept pretty well actually. My upper back hurts as well, even though I usually sleep on my back and my doc said I don't need to sleep propped up on pillows. I wasn't told to ice, but I have been doing it intermittently because it definitely helps with pain and soreness. I have some burning and most of my soreness under my armpits and on the sides of my breast (perhaps normal since I have axillary incisions). I can shower below the breast, but I think I'll ask my bf to help me do it. I feel/look disgusting - so having him help me wash my face, body and hair should make me feel a lot better!

Post op day 3, feeling a lot better!

Quick update, feeling a lot better today! I took a pain pill at 5 am and 10 am as I have been and since then I just took an XS Tylenol! Also had a mini bm (thankfully as I'm taking a lot of probiotics & stool softeners). Just taking it easy and trying to rest because I have to be back at work Monday!

My upper back hurts a bit still and I'm still very swollen, like my neck is still sore/stiff in the front & I can't feel my collar bones (usually they jut out naturally). Aside from that, I am looking forward to taking my band off Monday am and I had my bf wash my hair today which made me feel 100x better!

Any tips for first days back at office jobs?? Kind of nervous because we are in the middle of some high profile client stuff and I still can't lift arms over my head for first week (plus very visible bandages under my arms!)

Happy healing to everyone!

Day 5 updates, back to work & morning boob!

Hello everyone! so a few things here, first of all, i definitely did find that the day of surgery + the day after (day 1 or day 2 I guess depending on how you count post op days) were by far the worst. for reference, my PS counts surgery day as day 0, so i'll stick to that from now on when referencing post op days. I was feeling MUCH better by day 2, and actually stopped all prescription medication by morning of day 3 (i am now taking tylenol 3 times per day, including setting an alarm at 5 am to take one for morning boob). i've already started to get little zingers, tingles, etc. in both breasts so i'm happy that i haven't lost all nerve sensation, and they will be back :) i can say that morning boob is ALIVE, yikes! definitely set that alarm in the early am to take a pain pill, and i even ice my boobs when i'm eating breakfast in the morning to help with stiffness / soreness. luckily other than the morning, i don't feel pain at all during the day. i went back to work (office job) today (day 5) and i was totally fine. i walk to / from work, so i don't need to worry about public transportation or driving, and other than walking a bit slower than normal i'm fine. it was actually really easy for me to cover up my huge bandages under my arms (armpit / axillary incisions) because i've just been wearing looser tanks and cardigans. plus, something i had been doing in the month-6 weeks prior to surgery was i had bought a super padded D cup bra as well as gel inserts and was wearing that everyday under my shirts to work. as i already was wearing C cup bras (sadly not filling them out), this was a subtle enough transition for the office and no one has noticed. even my bf says he can't tell when i'm dressing like how i do, which is great because it was really important to me that my coworkers and office does not know & gossip about this. i work with a lot of men and there's already a pretty sexist, gossipy environment so i didn't want to put myself out there as fresh meat. back to the boobs! i wore a strap for the first 4 days, day & night, straight. OW. that put soo much pressure on me, i didn't think i could breathe at all the first day 1/2 but i think it helped a ton because my boobs are not that high up and now i don't need to wear it. i'm still wearing an ugly surgical bra but normally after my post op appointment in a few days i will be cleared to wear whatever bra i want. just nervous now about my incisions! still cannot raise my hands over my head, but again it's been pretty easy concealing this. if there's anything to lift i'll ask my boyfriend or ask someone else at the office to do it. so currently my boobs are a bit scary to me.. they're part numb, part sensitized, feel kind of bolted on & heavy (i think this is mostly due to swelling & i am not holding them with them best posture). my swelling was really bad the first few days, to the point where i couldn't even see or feel my collarbones! now i can see my collarbones again but i still have some swelling on my stomach. also, for constipation i was using a stool softener but don't think it worked too well for me so i switched back to my trusty probiotic + weaned off the pain pills and i'm starting to get back to being regular. i definitely have some torpedo boob action going on, and they are pretty hard / don't move. i know this is completely normal so i'm not worried about it. my left one is actually larger and higher than the right, which surprises me because i'm right handed and there's actually a larger implant in the right to balance out my pre-op imbalance (420 CC right, 380 CC left). overall i'm really happy with the size - right now i think they are too big / scary looking, but i know when they settle they will fit my frame perfectly and look really natural, which is exactly what i wanted. no boob greed here! feeling pretty good, and i think it's just going to keep on getting better so i'll update at my 1 week! happy healing ladies!

1 week post op pics

Left one looks more swollen / larger than the right. I hope it's all swelling because my left breast was naturally larger than the right and it got 50 less CCs to balance me out! (425 in right breast and 380 in left).

Also they still feel like heavy alien torpedos on my chest but the feeling gets better everyday, I haven't started any exercises yet (post op appointment in two days) but my arms have a bigger range of motion and I feel more back to normal.

Also swelling had definitely moved down my torso, I feel quite chunky at the moment!

Scars day 9

After the post op revealing! i have a pretty bad rash (sensitive skin) from surgical tape but it should go away in a few days.

Still, no shaving, soap or deodorant for another week 0.o

Also am progressively trying to raise my arms above my heads and stretch those arm muscles - it hurts, but gets easier and easier

First post op appointment (on day 9)

So i'm updating this actually on day 10, but wanted to give a quick rundown of my first post op appointment.

i came in, met with a nurse who removed my dressings and clipped the loose strings off the sutures. i have pretty bad rashes from the surgical tape but that should go away in a few days on its own. she told me to start doing exercises that progressively raise my arms over my head (as i was told to NOT lift my arms much at all the first week post op).

the nurse said my boobies were looking GREAT, i have a tiny bruise on one and nothing on the other, they are still high & swollen but I know that will come down in the weeks to come. i'm cleared to wear any non-underwire bra i want, so i've been wearing these really comfy hanes sports bras that i got at walmart. i always have hated bras and would be happy going braless or wearing sports bras forever... funny when you actually have boobs you can do that and not look like a boy in your clothes!

other than that, every day they feel more and more a part of me. i haven't needed anything for pain in a few days but last night woke up with some aches on the sides of my boobs (likely from starting those arm raising exercises yesterday and going a bit too fast/far) so i took a tylenol and it was fine. morning boob also gets easier and easier every morning. i now feel like they're more a part of me, but i feel the implants move when i move my arms in certain ways, when i bend over, and even if a car pulls a turn i'll feel them shift. i'm not sure if it's still because of the swelling or if the pocket is still forming or what, but i hope i get used to it or the sensation calms down!

as for hygiene, since i'm not supposed to be using soap on my underarms for at least another week, i'm using baby wipes there. i was instructed to keep the area as clean as possible, and i'll be able to start using scar cream on the incisions next week as well. i think they already look really good, once the redness from my rash goes away and i start putting on cream i think they will fade to nearly invisible - so VERY happy about that! plus i've never cared about my armpits, so it's a fine place to have some scars.

overall feeling good! very happy with the size (not too big, not too small) - they fit my frame perfectly and round me out but are not so obvious that my coworkers and people on the street know i've had them done. which is EXACTLY what i wanted. i want people to look at me and say 'what a great figure' instead of 'those boobs are fake!'. so now i'm just excited for them to drop & fluff!

Week 2 update

So, today officially marks the 2 week mark for my post op. Even before I uploaded my photos, I've been noticing with each passing day how my boobs feel more and more a part of me, I'm slowly regaining mobility in my arms/shoulders, and they are even starting to get soft! and they aren't as torpedo-esque anymore either, which is good. I still feel a bit uncomfortable without a sports bra but it gets better everyday. Uploading these photos and comparing with week 1, I see a big difference! they're dropping, getting softer and rounder. My doc is very relaxed about recovery. Other than not using deoderant, soap and shaving on armpits (transax incision), he said I can have sex anyway I want, can sleep on my side if it's comfy, and get back into exercise when I feel good enough. I think for exercise I'll be more cautious - don't need to get back into the gym, running or yoga anytime soon, so I think I will re-evaluate at around 4-6 weeks per what other surgeons recommend just to play it safe.

Week 3

ok, so it's a few days after the 3 week mark, so sorry i'm late!

so a few updates - my breasts get softer every day, and continue to round out. very happy with this! i wore a lower cut dress out with friends (only 1 of whom who knows i had this done) and no one noticed... although a few were looking at my cleavage, i think they assume its a bra thing. for me this is what i wanted - it helps me feel much more confident & all of my clothes look better now! but i dont look fake at all. can't wait for them to fully drop & fluff, wouldnt want to wear a bathing suit out & about just yet because they're still high and quite stiff.

in terms of pain, i havent taken anything since day 9 or so i think. morning boob gets better and better, i mainly just have it in my right breast (larger implant & i'm right handed) - and i think i have mondor's cord under my right armpit, it hurts for me to straighten my right arm whilst its over my head. i'm going to call my PS about this, but i'm not worried bc its still early in my post op and seems very common.

my scars look really good (in my humble opinion). sorry i am still not really shaving much, nor wearing deoderant, because i am a bit afraid of messing up the incisions. i know they are definitely closed up but i still get nervous about it for some reason. my incisions have some swelling / bumps underneath them, but i read that i s normal because its internal scar tissue & tissue swelling so i think it will go away with time. it's been pretty warm as well, and i've been wearing tank tops just fine - honestly unless i lift my arms over my head (which i dont do in public for a few reasons, mostly bc my armpits are not fully shaved lol) you cannot see the incisions. pre-op i was a bit worried that you would be able to see the scars when my arm was down but this isn't the case at all, so i'm really happy with that. and it's great that i have no marks on my boobs! and i didn't loose any feeling at all, my underarms have some numbness still but i can feel my nipples and breasts etc.

not daring to exercise or do anything yet - i am going to keep taking it easy until at least 1 month mark, maybe longer. i dont really feel in the mood to run anyways so i wont mind waiting 6 weeks or 2 months post op. would much rather make sure i am best healed before starting anything like that.

i am wearing sports bras night / day... i bought some very thing nice ones at walmart that i love (think they are hanes). except for them not going with certain clothing necklines, i really love them. always hated underwire bras so i dont care that i cant wear them yet. my PS said i could even go braless for a bit if i have a night out, etc. so i've done that 2 times now and it was totally fine. i feel more and more comfortable with them now. they still feel a bit heavy but for the most part they feel a part of me.

i also just wanted to say... when i got into this, i felt a bit guilty because unlike a lot of other women, i haven't been dying to have a BA my whole life. i was always really happy with my body - although looking back i did always feel out of proportion between my upper & lower body. and now that i have boobs, i feel so much more confident in clothes and in a weird way thinner because they balance out my body. in short, if you're thinking about doing it but feel bad because you aren't as diehard set on it as some other people seem to be, i say go for it!

1 month update

I CANNOT believe it has been 1 month today!

they're still getting softer, and i've been out a few times with no bra on. still more full in the upper pole than i would like but it gets better everyday i think. i also haven't had morning boob for a few days now - HUGE victory! and i've been able to sleep on my side for a few days, so that's nice too. i feel very close to being back to 100% "normal", i still dont want to risk it by running or doing any big types of exercise but they feel like they're a part of me.

forgot to take scar pictures so i'll have to update later or in a few days, but they are looking GREAT. i've used my PS's recommended scar cream a few nights and it works super well, my right one is actually barely red at all anymore and blends in super nicely. still don't dare to shave over my incisions so it's kind of a mess but i'm seeing my PS's assistant in a few days to talk about a possible mondors cord and do some exercises to fix it, so i can ask her as well then.

i hope i am cleared soon to wear either no bra or any bra i want, because these comfy sports bras, which very nice to sleep in, don't go under a lot of my clothes!

still VERY happy about my size. i even saw my inlaws last night, and my mother in law and sister in law both commented on how big my boobs looked in my dress LOL. so it's perfect that they do look bigger and everything but again, does not scream that i had them done. for anyone wondering about size, 400 cc (what i got) was the max my PS recommended for me and it was just slightly bigger than i felt comfortable going with, so maybe that's a good idea to push yourself to 25-50 cc bigger than you think you want.

Mondor's cord + massaging

Hi everyone,

So I saw my PS's assistant on Friday to confirm what I had suspected - I have a mondor's cord under my right armpit that was making it quite painful / difficult for me to fully extend my arm straight above my head. She sent me to a chiropractor who works with my PS's patients who did some work on massaging my breasts and incisions and it helped A TON. I have to go back for a 2nd session, he worked out 3 knots in my right armpit alone but said he needs to get a few more for it to fully resolve. not worried, as it seems it's very common.

i'm now more curious though about massaging. between my busy work schedule & my PS being on some vacation, i will not seem him for another 2 weeks - meaning i won't see him until about 6 weeks post op! i haven't seen him since my surgery day, so it makes me a bit nervous that he can't see me and advise me if i should / should not massage. the chiropractor told me i should be massaging for 5-10 mins two times per day (after he massaged me the other day my breasts did feel noticeably softer). i will call my PS's office monday morning to confirm if i can massage or not, do not want to go against his suggestion in case he is one who doesn't recommend it.

in the meantime, how do you massage? any tips?

week 5 update

so i am officially 5 weeks out. not any huge changes, except i've seen a chiropractor a few times (recommended by my PS's assistant) to help with a nasty case of mondor's cord i had developed under my right armpit. i've gone in a few times so he can use a machine on each breast that relaxes the muscles (he says it helps prevent CC and helps them drop faster too) and then he massages my incisions and breasts. as much as i hate paying so much to go see him each time, both times i've left his office my breasts are noticeably softer and my mondor's cord is significantly clearing up. not sure about the machine and CC prevention, but he's got a lot of experience and routinely works with women who have breast implants. he even said that sometimes women come in who have already developed CC and that although it's much harder to treat once it's set in, it's doable.

incisions are healing pretty nicely, my right one is much better than my left ironically (larger implant, have the mondor's cord going on), but i'm using a scar cream on them everynight. still no deoderant! not sure when i'll brave using it but ironically no one has seemed to notice.

i will see my PS FINALLY for my first real post op with him next week, so i'm excited to see what he thinks and see if he wants me to massage or not (he doesn't recommend it for all his patients). maybe all this chiropractor work will mean i won't need to massage myself.

Cleavage ??

Just wanted to share... This is in a totally thin bralette, the kind I always loved because of how dainty and delicate they were but could never ever wear them because they would flatten me to a pancake! I am also very happy that I have a good natural cleavage and my boobs are closer together than before (my PS told me this wouldn't happen so maybe he didn't want to get my hopes up).

week 6

time flies! especially after week 2-3 when i had overcome the worst of soreness / shooting pains / morning boob etc. don't have any of that at all now, and i've been sleeping on my side since week 3.

saw my PS finally for my post op, he said everything looks great. i saw the kinestesiologist a total of 3 times and he did great work ironing out my mondor's cords and also massaging me. my PS said i could start running and exercising whenever i want but i think i'll wait just a bit longer just in case... especially for yoga. i still need to buy a real / good sports bra for running, so once i get that i'll probably get back into jogging, but i'm nervous about all the yoga poses that use chest muscles. would rather bite the bullet and wait MONTHS rather than mess up the girls.

they look rounder and feel softer every week :) when do they fully soften? my PS said i should feel it really around 3 months, so i still have a ways to go, but already they feel like firm breasts so it's not too big of a deal to wait.

it's strange, sometimes i still feel like my left breast is bigger (was naturally larger) even though i have 50 more CCs on my right to balance it out! or maybe it's dropping faster because it has a smaller implant compared to the right? i'm not sure... it's odd because sometimes i notice it more than others, and one of my friends pointed it out last weekend when we were out and i was wearing a low cut tank top (my other friends didn't see it at all though).

Week 7

Not a ton new here, just still dropping and getting softer! I can feel them starting to bounce a bit when I'm walking and while they're still firm they are softening up everyday. I'm glad I take weekly photos because I can visibly see them dropping and fluffing outwards, even from week to week, so it's good to keep my hopes up :)

Other than that, I wore a very low cut dress to dinner this week and EVERYONE - men and women (especially women actually) - was staring at me. I'm not used to all that attention! My SO even told me that he thinks my BA has brought me up 2 "points" (um.. thanks?) but I do feel more attractive and confident now, so that's good. It's just crazy now that I have something to hide up! I never really thought about baring too much before because I didn't really have anything! I dress more conservatively at work now too, obviously. All in all still super happy, I was in a bikini last weekend and the size fits my frame so well! Not too big and not too small.

PS - first new bra since surgery

just bought a sports bra, as i want to start running again soon (i think i may make myself wait until 2 months just to be super sure / safe - but i've been itching to go on a run so let's see if i can wait 3 more weeks). i ordered a 36DD and 36D, and while they both fit for a sports bra i preferd the 36D because it held the girls down better! it seems logical i'd be a 36D because 400 cc is roughly 2 cup sizes and i was starting out basically a 36B or so (wide rib cage). for now all my non soft sports bras are just bralettes too.

2 months!!

Nothing to update really,think I may try to start running this weekend and see how it goes. Scars are slowly but surely fading, i think in a few months they really will be invisible! Boobs are jiggling more and getting softer everyday :)

9 weeks & officially two months out

So I'm officially 2 months out... and things continue to get softer, and get better. I've started getting a bit nervous because last night I noticed my left is dropping and getting a lot softer, though normally my right one (larger implant & right handed) should follow. But I am a bit worried it could be early CC... i guess it's still too early to tell? How do you know? I mean my right breast is still softening up and dropping too, just slower than the left.

I am feeling a bit impatient about the scars, I put a lot of scar cream on them and I don't think they are fading fast enough, but I know they will be really really great in a few months' time so I guess I just need to be a bit more patient.

Other than that, I think I'm going to try and go on a quick jog this weekend.. wish me and the girls luck!

week 10

3 months!!

holy cow, tie flies! i can't believe i am already at 3 months! my boobs really feel like a part of me now.

i've been running for a few weeks now, and after you find a sports bra that is tight enough it's fine honestly. i'm really happy with how they look and the size and everything, i'd still like them to soften a bit more, but even in the past week i've noticed big differences! they move more when i walk now and when i go braless in tops they feel quite jiggly :)

i still want my scars to improve, i have been a bit frustrated because despite the cream and the silicone gel i've been applying i don't feel like i've seen a lot of progress, but i just bought some scar away silicone sheets so hopefully those will help. any tips for transax scar healing??

3 months - photos

3 month photos - again!

3.5 months

In a bralette & the scars with steristrips on.

Any tips to keep steristrips from peeling off when you sweat?! Lol

3.5 months photos

Forgot to upload!

15 weeks, nearly 4 months!

Overall, look is quite stable i think.

They're getting softer, but there's still a ways to go I think. I also am a little frustrated with my right scar because it's thicker/redder than the left one which is starting to disappear in sections of it, but I'm trying to be patient!

I'm working out regularly like I used to, even started yoga again last week but i am only doing hatha yoga, not vinyassa, and avoiding chattarungas to avoid working the chest muscles. Anyone else a yogi? When do you go back fully? I"d rather be overly cautious than mess anything up to the boobies.

In a way I'm still getting used to them too, because now when I have an event or a party to go to I want to show them off! But I'm not used to having them! I was at a nightclub recently and I noticed guys before talking to me would check out my face, my chest, my face again and come up to me. I swear this didn't happen before lol. Not that it's necessarily desired attention but it's strange how fixated men are on boobs. Still very funny to me that none of my close coworkers or friends/family have noticed (at least if they have no one has said a peep or inquired about it at all).

i'm not massaging to be honest, but that's also because my doc said it's quite outdated and they will soften more with time. maybe i should try to massage since they're still firm on the inner cleavage? anyone have a good massage technique for that?

any scar tips?? would be much appreciated!

5 months!!

not much news honestly, i can't believe it's been 5 months 0.o

overall i'm super, super happy with them! they feel a part of me, and i'm back to running and doing yoga and everything i did pre-op. i avoid some yoga poses still that involve push ups (chattarunga) but thats more because i feel a bit awkward than my doc's advice or me being in any pain.

they're both continuing to soften, i think the look has been the same since around 2-3 months but they do get softer and softer. left is still softer than the right one, so i'd like the right to soften up a bit more, especially on top / in my cleavage. other than that i was trying on clothes earlier today that i've had for YEARS, and they look so, so great on me! they looked good before sure, but there's a real big difference in how you wear clothes after you have boobs.

i actually think i was in some kind of denial about my breast size pre op... i knew i was smaller but i thought i had at least decently medium sized breasts, and now looking back at photos and talking to my boyfriend i realize i had quite small breasts! i think i was wearing a 36B but could've actually been closer to a 34A in some bra sizes.

now i'm just mostly concerned with my scars. the right one is healing super super nicely, the left seems like it needs to flatten out a big more on each end and it has a lot more redness / looks thicker. i'm using the cream my dermatologist recommended on it, but it isn't really blowing me away (and the silicon sheets are really hard / a pain to wear more than a few days per week because with transax my armpits inevitably start sweating and it doesn't stick anymore). any tips for the scar healing??

6 months - LOVE them!

Crazy how it feels like just last week I was worried about my final results and had read: "at 6 days you hate them, at 6 weeks you like them, and 6 months you LOVE them"... and i can say it's totally true!

they feel completely mine, have fully dropped and fluffed. and especially in the last month they've gotten really soft, like the cleavage and top parts that were a bit harder previously are now as soft as the rest of my breasts and they feel just like my natural breasts did (mine are naturally more dense / firm than maybe some other women's but still). i'm thrilled with the look and feel!

it's still sinking in to me what life with nice cleavage is like. when i go out with my SO and put on a low cut shirt, it's really astonishing how i get 100x more looks and attention than previously - especially from women!! i always assumed it was a stereotype or over exaggerated how much men are drawn to boobs, but honestly i think it's just as simple as that!

i'm still working on the scars. they look a bit redder at times, like if i'm just out of the shower as in this picture. but i keep telling myself to be patient, because scars do really take at least a year to really start lightening up... and the good thing is that they are in the armpits so no one looks there. i really love not having any scars on my breasts, it makes a big difference i think mentally because when i look at them or touch them it just feels like they're MINE.

as far as everyday "use" lol... i am still wearing a lot of light bralettes. i dont like underwire bras and my PS said i dont need to wear a bra at all long term (it seems theres a lot of contention over this) but i still wear something light during the day. although it's very easy to nip out with these light triangle bras! but i guess a bit of nip is also part of the fun, isn't it?

i'm back to doing all kinds of sports/activities as before - but that's been the case for months. i'm back to yoga classes a few times a week although im careful with chattarunga to not put much pressure on my chest muslces just in case... read from some it can exacerbate displacement and i'm fine doing it modified by using my knees.

oh, and i recently got some new lingerie - and i look HOT! it's amazing how mcuh better i feel about my whole body now. whereas before i always thought i wasnt happy because i had gained too much weight or didn't have a flat enough stomach, i now realize i was a proportion issue. and now that my chest is larger it fits a lot better with my wider shoulders and hips and overall makes me feel fantastic.
Dr. Francois Petit

Very friendly, and very reassuring! Extremely accessible and even quite funny.

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