Smart Lipo of the Upper and Lower Abdomen

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On April 25, 2017 I got my first procedure of...

On April 25, 2017 I got my first procedure of smart lipo to the lower and upper abdomen. One of the reasons I went with this procedure was because I was scared of having a lot of loose skin with regular lipo and being I have no kids I wanted to steer away from a tummy tuck. The day of the procedure I was not really nervous just wanted to get it over with, I did not feel anything during the procedure. Because I did not move so much the doctor said he was able to take a little more of fat which in my case is always a good thing. I did not feel any pain until about 8pm that evening, I read reviews before and heard people going back to work in 2 days but that was not my case (and I have a high pain tolerance) The office sold me a garment which was a "binder" which I did not like because I felt there was not enough compression with it. The next day I woke up very sore but was able to get up and go buy myself a Colombian faja which was the best thing I did, pain killers helped me move around and also made me very sleepy. I believe that lymphatic massages are very important, and you will see in my pictures why, with smart lipo you do not have a lot of draining the draining you will be doing will be you basically peeing it all out. My first massage which I was one day post op hurt like bloody hell and made me cry like a baby, but I felt so much better after wards. I'll be doing the massages 4 times a week for the next 3 months. So far I can see my stomach a lot flatter, it is a bit bumpy on my right side so I'm hoping that will go down soon.

19 days post op

Hi sorry I haven't updated, but these past 2 weeks have been crazy first week with pain and second week getting back to work and getting massages done have taken up all my time! So bruising and swelling has been going down which I'm happy about, my right lower abdomen for some reason is more swollen then the left. I went for my 1 week post op to remove stitches and the doctor said it was normal because it could be swollen tissue, he said he will keep a eye on it when I go for my 1 month post op which I'm scheduled for May 24. I'm planning to go back to the gym this well and start doing light cardio, my eating has definitely changed, I weight myself and I'm 16lbs down.
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