I Regret Smart Lipo W/fat Injections for my Neck/face - Paramus, NJ

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My doctor was a very good salesman and talked me...

My doctor was a very good salesman and talked me into Smart Lip w/fat injections - said I would never need a facelift. Recovery pretty ugly with a bruised face/neck and a burn from the laser right in the middle of my neck under my chin. Except for two small fat pockets/bumps (which I still have), I looked pretty good after one month. 1 1/2 years later, I now have a band of skin right down the middle of my neck from the initial burn. It seems there's scar tissue that is pulling the skin. It is unsightly and is getting worse and worse! Cortisone injections were not working so I asked, what next, since I am getting more and more self-conscious by the day and have resorted to Xanex to calm me down. I asked if this happens to others and he said, Yes! Can I see pictures? No! He'd be out of business if this is a common occurrence. If I had the guts, I would hire an attorney. For now, he offered a reimbursement for the lipo portion. What doctor does that unless he agrees that he screwed up? Of course, I took the money because now I have to give it to another surgeon to fix what he messed up.

DO NOT DO SMART LIPO! I would include photos, but I don't want my hideous neck on the Internet.

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