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Had my Coolsculpting treatment done today at my...

Had my Coolsculpting treatment done today at my dermatologist's office. Some cold and some mild discomfort but I watched Netflix and read a book during the two hours. They used 2 "cool max" applicators on my abdomen. I don't have any pain right now. They put an ace wrap around my abdomen and suggested that I wear SPANX to help with swelling and pain. Now I will wait for results.

Day 8

I'm feeling normal again. The numbness is basically gone from my abdomen. I have an occasional pain, but nothing that a little ice can't fix. I don't feel swollen and I've made it to the gym twice this week. Today is the first day I haven't worn SPANX to help with swelling.

Is it working?

Someone at work this week asked if I lost weight :)

I've also been eating well. (Whole 30 is the best! Look it up!). I haven't been able to exercise due to knee issues.

4 Weeks Later

I'm down 11.8 pounds since the morning before Coolsculpting! Down 1.5 inches at my belly button and 1 inch at my widest area. I've almost completed my Whole 30. I plan to continue to strictly eat this way until Thanksgiving and make smart decisions around the holidays. So far I'm happy with my results. The pictures don't look very different but I feel better and I am seeing a change in how my clothes fit.
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