5'6" 105lb with 300 cc--Starting my Journey! - Palo Alto, CA

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Hi! I'm 5'6 105 lbs looking to get about 275- 300...

Hi! I'm 5'6 105 lbs looking to get about 275- 300 cc. No children yet. I have been so grateful to other reviewers on here for their honest journaling. My surgery is tomorrow morning, so I will update about how it goes! My BFF is taking me to the hospital and will stay with me overnight. Excited / nervous / wish me luck!

Day of surgery -- not so bad!

I was terribly nervous in the waiting room (Menlo Park Surgical Hospital). Probably exacerbated by my getting there 45 min early. Oh well! Being with my BFF was so so so needed. Her support and love was amazing.
When they called me in, I met first with my admittance nurse who took my weight, blood pressure etc. Then met with Dr Hong and he was incredible, as he has been on the other 3 occasions I had met with him pre op. He was lighthearted but straight forward, and clearly very intelligent and experienced. He confirmed again about size and I said I was erring on the 270 rather than 300 side since I was nervous about being too big. He said yep, totally understand. After that he drew with market on me. When he left the room my BFF and I actually both calmed down quite a bit. Then the anesthesiologist came in. He was also very nice and said I wold be an easy patient to take care of. He reviewed what would happen: we would go I to the OR together, he would put an IV in then I would be out in 10 min and wake up in the recovery room. That's it!! Shocking how simple the procedure is from the patient's perspective. Then finally the OR nurse came in and he was a really nice / cool dude who also put me at ease. Then I went to the bathroom again one last time and we walked to the OR!

Getting strapped down to the or table was scary -- huge room with tons and tons of equipment and it just looks extremely intense. I'm sure it's top of the line. The table was heated so that was nice :) then the anesthesiologist starte doing the IV and chatting to me about where I'm from and my job. Next thing I knew the room kind of swam and I was out.

I woke up in the the recovery room. Immediate asked the recovery nurse how it went, how I was doing and then just got really chatty. Haha it was weird. Didn't cry or freak out. She asked how much pain I was in and I said 5 (kind of hard to rate) so she gave me more pain meds. I felt loopy and light headed when putting on my clothes.

Now back home and things are knock on wood going fine! Have been assiduously taking my meds. Have been eating saltines, had a Greek yogurt and raspberries, and then for dinner butternut squash soup w more saltines.

Pain now at 8pm a little more so I just room my pain meds.

Looking super swollen and stiff but loving them already!!!!

Post op day 3

The last few days have been a continuous stream of pills every 4 hours, sleep, The Office, and texting people. Haha I feel very well taken care of. Feeling swollen and have moderate soreness / pain but it comes and goes and is generally very manageable. From day 1 I've been able to get around my house, move my arms, open pill bottles, pick up things from the floor etc no problem. I took a shower on day 2 post op. No problem, but very strange sensation to have my new unsupported boobs-- I kept holding onto them as I showered because they felt vulnerable.

Emotionally I am feeling GREAT!! I was very worried that I would look huge but this size (as far as I can tell so far) seems to fit me perfectly (300 CC moderate profile sientra). After I put on a summer dress my mom said "you look like a nicely moderately endowed young lady" which is perfect. I do not want to look huge at all.
Lol but when I texted nude pics to my bf (he is at his family's for thanksgiving) he said he got a boner, also perfect. So yes! I feel like this is a great size for me. And even though I'm still getting used to them I just feel more comfortable in my skin and very happy I did this. Fingers crossed for smooth recovery ahead ...

Day 4 loving them! (300 moderate)

Recovery is still going super well. I feel very blessed! I'm mostly off the heavier pain meds and onto ibuprofen and Tylenol. I also started taking some laxatives to help with "regularity" since I was quite blocked up ... In any case here are some fun pics in swimsuits! In regular clothes (like a soft tee shirt) I look very normal like how I used to look w a padded bra so that's good.
In a week my bf's holiday party is coming up. Any suggestions on what to wear? It's a cocktail party type of thing. I want to look good but not over the top. Ya know? Any suggestions? Lbd? Strapless? Halter? I'll only be 10 days out from surgery so I may be riding high. Thanks guys for any advice!!

One more pic in a sports bra

(Unlined sports bra from target I think)

Some very random breast aug recovery tips

In addition to whatever your surgeon says here are some random things that I did that I think really helped speed my recovery. Of course, everyone's different, so take it for what it's worth:
1) Ice in 20 min intervals. Really I would just wrap a soft ice pack around my boobs and fall asleep. I think it warmed up in about 20 min so when I woke up from my mini cat naps I would replace it.
2) Arnica cream. It's a homeopathic herb cream that is supposed to help w swelling / bruising. I haven't had any bruising, but have had swelling. Not sure how effective it is but it can't hurt.
3) Apple Chips. The dried kind not the fried kind. I tried taking all kinds of laxatives that did not work but when I ate two bags of as chips, it ALL came loose.
4) Patience / don't panic. How it looks now will not be how it looks later.
5) Take your best friend with you to surgery. I could not have survived or probably gone through it without her. Then we spent the next 24 hours when I wasn't sleeping talking and I came to terms a lot more with my decision and feel a million times better. It's not easy to talk about your BA at first but you will have to for the rest of your life at least to some degree. Your loved ones want to talk to you about it and it actually really helps answer your own questions. For me personally I came to the conclusion Idon't mind telling people if they ask, but I'm not going to go out of my way to tell people unless they are close friends. And even then I need to be prepared to answer "why" which again is simply "because I wanted bigger boobs" -- I don't owe anyone a fancier answer than that because I am at peace with it and has been something I have thought very long and hard about.

Love and good vibes to you all!!

First day back at work

Going well so far. Just on ibuprophen, no more hard meds. I think they cover up well for the office! (I work in a casual office environment)

Week 1 Ups and Downs

1. I'm feeling super social. I've scheduled a zillion things in the coming weeks w friends and coworkers. Partially due to the holidays and I guess partially due to mood?
2. Catching myself in the mirror when not intending to look and feeling really happily surprised.
3. Again, coworkers not noticing which makes me feel validated that I can show off when I want to but feel suble most of the time.
1. I have very little appetite. I think I may have lost a couple of pounds over the last week-- i had weight put IN, right?? Not sure if it's residual pain or what that's causing this. Or maybe water loss from laxatives, I don't know.
2. I'm sweating more / smell different. I swear I am using deodorant! And not exercising! So I don't get it, but I definitely have been noticing when I sniff my shirts before putting them in the laundry that they smell more than they used to.
3. I'm feeling some pangs of "did I go too big?". I told my doc between 270 and 300 and he picked 300, which I trust eventually is the right call but I catch myself thinking maybe 270 would have been better sometimes. Maybe they just need to settle more/ have me get used to them.

Week 1 pics

LBD 10 days post op

LBD 10 days post op

Breakthrough squishiness!

Can't believe its almost 2 weeks!

In some ways it feels much longer, and they have changed so much. I'm still getting used to them and can't wait to start running again, but so far very happy with everything!

Went running for first time

Went running w a friend for the first time since BA and it went fine! Was worried initially that it would be painful or something but it worked out all right. She didn't know I had had the BA so I just asked if we could take it easy :)

Also, I started doing these earlier this week (ballet barre lower body exercises): http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mfP1OG7rs_o. Highly recommend for doing something active with no bouncing.

Day 24 pics

Incisions are looking pretty good, have one weird spot

Christmas boobs!

6 weeks love how they are dropping

really pleased with the shape, and that the slope is looking more natural!

10 mile run and 30D bra fitting

Went on a 10 mile run yesterday-- longest since my BA. It went well and I even hit 8:30 pace which is pretty good for coming back from stopping working out after the BA I think. Also, went and got measured at a lingerie shop-- 30D, say what?! Was surprised by that, but these ladies are pros and I trust they're right. The shop I went to was Alla Prima in SF which I think is the best bra shop in the city. Seriously wayyyyy better than Victoria secret in terms of discretion, service, knowledge, choice and overall class. Woah! Can't believe 30D!

Pics! Apparently 30 or 32 D?!

10 months :)

Just a quick update to say everything's fine after more than 10 months! Still love my boobs and I don't really think about them at all any more. I go about my normal life and run/ do yoga/ have adventures with no problem. I was lucky that I had no complications but given that, I feel very grateful to have decided to go ahead with the augmentation. Hoping everyone is doing well!

September 2015 (10 months post-op)

Just a quick pic , since I realized I hadn't updated with a "real world" picture!
This is actually from Sept 2015, which was about 10 months post op. I will be going on vacation next week too, so I'll try to get a more up to date pic to share as well :)
Hope you ladies are doing great!!!!
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