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I've always had a bit of chub on my face. Even...

I've always had a bit of chub on my face. Even at my thinnest, it was there. As I’ve aged, the fat hasn't bothered me.. in fact, I'm a bit grateful for it now because I look younger than my age. However, I hated that my jawline was slipping and I had developed a pooch of skin under my chin.

I went in for Chin Lipo and WOW, incredible results. The recovery was so easy and mostly painfree.
My doctor takes the skin and sutures it up tight just behind the ear with one stitch, for about 24 hours after the procedure and that helps snap the skin back into place. He also put on a very constrictive compression garment for the first 24 hours and then I moved into the removable compression garment that I wore religiously for about 6-weeks.

The most discomfort I had was within that first 24 hours, not pain from the surgery but honestly, from the compression garment. As the scar tissue formed, I had to ‘rub it out’. I used a brayer or small paint roller and that helped break the tissue up. The area did feel tight for quite some time (about 2-months) but I would massage the area with my knuckles when sitting at my desk.

The results were astounding. I have NO pooch anymore and a very strong jawline. It took years off my appearance… all from ½ hour procedure. I would highly recommend this procedure!

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