A Botched Job When I Was 14 -- in 1971! Let It Be? Palo Alto, CA

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I had a nose job when I was 14, way back in 1971....

I had a nose job when I was 14, way back in 1971. I was devastated at the result. I got the ski-jump nose. Too short, sharp, and up-turned, so that you could see up my nostrils. I learned to live with it and I've had a fine life. But I've always been sad that I no longer looked Jewish--in fact I didn't look like anyone in my family or anyone I knew.
Has someone out there had that experience? You go under the knife, and you wake up looking like a totally new person. And not for the better. Is it worth it to try again and try to get a more normal nose? Does it even work? (I've often heard that it doesn't, or that you need several surgeries because the grafts don't always take). Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Dr. Robert Berner, Stanford Univ. Hospital

Now deceased. Yelled at me before the operation when I tried to show him a photo of a nose I liked. He said "I'm the surgeon! I'll decide what kind of nose you get!" I was desperate to have the surgery, so I didn't tell my parents I was afraid of him. When he took the bandages off I tried not to cry. I asked him what I could do to get the tip down. He yelled again and said "Just massage it! It'll drop!" I think he knew he'd messed up? Even surgeons have their bad days. :-O

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