Lifelong Hyperhydrosis 29 Yo Woman - Palo Alto, CA

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I discovered miradry thanks to real self and I am...

I discovered miradry thanks to real self and I am so thankful. I developed hyperhydrosis when I was about 11-12 years old and I am now 29. I have never done any procedures to control it as most of my life I was embarrassed to tell anyone and just wore dark clothes or flowy tops, sweaters etc in certain materials and use men's deodorant with little success. I always felt overweight even though I wasn't when it started so I blamed the sweat on that which I now realize is not true.

My procedure is Monday the 20th at 3pm, then I have the rest of Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday morning open so I hope that's enough time for most of the discomfort to subside. Can't wait!

I had my treatment this afternoon

Doctors offices give me anxiety so my sweat was in full force for my appointment. It was sort of crazy. I didn't wear deodorant at all today and I worked before hand so I had an all day reminder why I needed to give miradry a shot.

Dr Weintraub and Gigi were really nice and chill. The most uncomfortable part was a few of the numbing shots and once or twice I felt the heat from the miradry machine and when I did the dr came over and put more numbing there and then Gigi went back to that spot. All in all it wasn't that bad and it was over pretty fast, I think it was a little over one hour. I was laying flat on my back sort of tilted back and my implants moved back/over so I had to hold my breasts towards the middle for some of it so the machine could suction. No biggie.

My armpits are numb and feel swollen but I don't have any pain right now. I can see light bruising. I am icing on and off and I took a few ibuprofen right after.

I have pretty severe hyperhydrosis so I understand I might need to do the treatment twice(today we did level 5)however I put on a heather grey t shirt when I got home and have zero sweat on the shirt. Usually I would have sweat stains after 10-15 minutes.

I'll update soon! Crossing my fingers for great results...this could be life changing for me!

almost a week later...wore a light grey t shirt in public last night!

If my results stay as they are now its a freaking miracle. I still have a little bit of sweat but not enough to show through clothing. Before my clothes would be soaked within an hour. I noticed less odor and I can't tell about the hair growth yet. I haven't worn deodorant since the procedure and I think once I do wear antiperspirant i'll not have any issues at all. I may do this treatment again down the road, however I am very happy as is.

75% reduction in sweat from one treatment

I'm really happy! Not sure if I'll do it again, I'd say my sweat is that of a normal person now. Odor is the same but it wasn't bad before. Just wanted to update after some time passed!
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So far I've only spoken to the office on the phone but the person I spoke with was great.

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