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I've had the best experience with IPL...

I've had the best experience with IPL.
I'm fair skinned, with reddish undertones. I developed the 'mask of pregnancy' during both my pregnancies and the dark patches never went away. After just one IPL, they were all but gone. After the second, there is NO trace of them. I did my first treatment when I was around 35 and now that I'm 40, I go in for an IPL twice a year.
It also took away some redness as well.
As for pain, there is a bit (especially around the nose and mouth) but it only hurts during the moment and there is nothing like a few swear words to help ease the pain :) Nothing unbearable.

Lynn or Cara

SkinSpirit was started by a well known Plastic Surgeon who wanted a place for people to go to get fillers, lasers, and much more. It's been a great source for many different treatments.

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