Level 3 Chemical Peel, TCA Cross for Acne Scars on Hispanic Fitzpatrick IV - Summerville, SC

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After consulting with 3 different dermatologists...

After consulting with 3 different dermatologists and Estheticians and researching the recommended modalities (co2 micro-ablative laser, micro-needling/derma pen, etc) , I decided to go with the level 3 chemical peel and TCA cross. I had acne since early teens and have some ice pick scars on my cheeks as well as rolling scars, and blackheads. As a teenager I tried everything...RetinA, antibiotics, etc...the only thing that worked was Accutane in my late 20's but I have the scars and blackheads that bother me. I'm actually graduating this year and would like to practice in a Medi-spa or dermatologist's office as a nurse practitioner...and I figured I can't give clients advice if my skin looks bad.
Anyway, I had the peels earlier today. I've never had a chemical peel before. She used a blended peel with TCA and glycolic acid. She applied 3 layers to my face with a cottonball. I felt immediate stinging/burning in between each layer, with the worst pain at about a 6/10. She had a fan that helped the burning go away after about 10 min. She then did the TCA cross by dipping a sharp metal toothpick looking device in the solution (95% TCA) and then into each ice pick scar. That part was painless. My face was red all over and felt tight...like if I smiled, I felt like my face would crack. I was advised not to wash my face for 24 hrs and then I can use a gentle cleanser (cetaphil, aveeno, etc) and apply moisturizer/ spf 30. I bought LUCA spf 30 moisturizer from the office.

Pictures day of peel, 24 and 48 hours after.

Day 2 to Day 3
On the first day my face was just red, like I had a sunburn. On days 2 to 3, my skin got really dark brown, shiny and wrinkly. The skin around my mouth has cracked but no peeling yet. I can see small scabs where the TCA cross was done. I'm not b in any pain. I went about my normal day today (2 doctors appts), just wore a hat, sunglasses and spF 30 moisturizer. I look creepy, but no one is really staring at me or anything. I've been cleaning with Dove beauty bar or Cetaphil and using the LUCA spa 30 moisturizer or Pond's moisturizer 2 to 3 times a day and drinking lots of water.
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