24 Years Old 170 Lb 5'6 Height 700cc HP silicon Above the muscle

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I have deflated breast due to breast feeding. I...

I have deflated breast due to breast feeding. I have a bigger body structure with wide hips and thick thighs but my breast don't match so I am going for bigger and fuller. I want to be able to buy shirts that I can wear with no bra. Also want to go big to prevent another surgery. I have a few friends that had a BA and wish they had went bigger.

1 day pre surgery

My boobs pre op.

1 day post op

Day 2/3 post op

So it has now been 48 hrs since my surgery, I went in this morning and had my bandages removed. It wasn't painful but the only thing I will say is that I wish I bought and sports bra before hand to kinda push everything together because the bra my surgeon gave me is a little loose I feel bad he also wants me in an underwire bra soon so the implants drop in the pocket correctly so I will probably make a trip tonight or tomorrow to get a few sports bras. My pain is about the same I did move around easier today then yesterday but my incisions are starting to hurt a little bit today especially my right one but I have just been taking it easy.

Day 4 post op

Today I went to buy a few bras, my surgeon wants me to wear a underwire bra because he lowered my inframmary crease and this will help to shape it. I bought one under wire bra it is from maidenform front closing t Back bra. I also got a very supportive sports bra. The bra my surgeon have me at my post op visit had almost no support and the with my new bras I feel way more comfortable. I highly recommend getting supportive bras asap if your post op bra isn't working.

They are starting to drop

It's been a week and I've been doing a lot better. My right boob is take longer to heal then my left. I also got bruising on my right boob and none on my left but I'm guessing this is normal. Everyday gets a bit easier at this point the only time I experience pain is when I wake up in the morning but other than that it is minimal.

Did a little shopping

So today I went to the mall for some exercise and to look around. I know I still have a lot of healing left so I didn't want to buy to much but my birthday is coming up soon so I have to find a dress. I tried on a few things and I am so excited, my breast look so much better in clothes and I can now try on wear outfits with out a bra. I will post some more pictures tomorrow.
Palm Springs Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Aaronson is highly experienced and actually encouraged me to ask questions during my consultation.

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