I Have Small Scars from Microdermabrasion

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A doctor's office offered me a complimentary...

A doctor's office offered me a complimentary microdermabrasion. I'd always wanted to try it since I've heard good things. I am in my late 30's and have some fine wrinkles and a a couple of minor acne scars and a couple of places of rough texture but overall my skin looks quite good.

I found the microderm a bit uncomfortable. The lady doing the microderm didn't stop talking and I felt like I had to answer her questions (which had nothing to do with microderm) so stuff got into my mouth (I guess layers of skin and the grit they use -- yuk). Afterwards my face burned and she said it was normal. I noticed I had 4 small holes like small acne scars or really large pores. I just had it done so I am hoping these scars/large pores fill in!

I would never do it again. I also have many dark red spots and my face is very reddish all over. The only good thing is my face does feel incredibly soft.

The scars/really large pores that showed up after...

The scars/really large pores that showed up after the microderm have mostly filled back in. I personally would not do microderm again.

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I had visible large pores that looked like scars from the procedure.

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