Hello Everyone. I am 22 years old and have finally...

Hello Everyone. I am 22 years old and have finally decided to meet with different doctors about getting a chin implant. I have hated my chin every since high school- many many years! I have met with a couple of different Facial Plastic Surgeons and I am a bit confused. 2 doctors said that a medium implant would be good. The last PS I met with suggested a medium maybe even large, or extra large. He stated that he decides upon the size while in surgery while using the sizers to find the right size to fit my face. He is very experienced and I trust him, I am just wondering why 2 surgeons suggested a medium and the last one wasn't quite sure and said maybe even larger sizes. I know my chin is very recessed and I want my chin to be projected quite a bit. I just do not want it to look like to much! (that is my biggest fear of all this) I want it to balance my face correctly! Please share any thoughts. It would be greatly appreciated :-)

Procedure in about 3 weeks

I am excited and nervous to see my results after the procedure. I hope my chin will have the definition that I have always wanted.

New date

New surgery date June 24th. Nerves are kicking in!

Looking at pictures

I can't wait to be happy with my chin when having a normal, relaxed face and my side profile. When I smile I love my chin from the front. I hope it looks good all around after my procedure. :-)

Weak chin

Hopefully the chin implant gives me enough definition so that when I look "slightly" down it does not look like a double chin anymore . I hate that.


Had my pre-op today. Went over everything again with doctor. Went to get blood work for medical clearance which they do with everyone. Surgery is Tuesday morning and I am probably not going to sleep these last few days! I hate having anesthesia and I am also worried about what it is going to feel like/swelling. Tuesday is so close...

two days

Two days until surgery. I can't stop thinking about it! So nervous. Hopefully I don't have too much swelling/ discomfort. I hope I like the way it looks.

Tomorrow is the day!

Took this picture at my pre-op. These are the "sizers" that they use in surgery to determine which size correctly balances your face. My surgeon said a medium or large will do for me. I hope it balances my face just right and not to much.

Almost here

12 hours till I will be at the surgery center........probably won't be sleeping tonight. I hate being nervous


My procedure was running late and I started around 12 and my procedure was about an hour and 15 minutes. When I was in the operating room they started my IV sedation "twilight sedation" and I was literally out in 1 minute. It is a crazy feeling! I didn't know anything going on around me or feel anything (not even the local anesthesia being injected into the chin to numb the area). I woke up and went home about an hour later. I have been taking pictures of my chin all day, I love it! I don't think it's really swollen at all. (Which is amazing!) But I think I'm pretty good with surgery since I had back surgery when I was young. I have not taken any pain meds that they gave me. I just took Tylenol (acetaminophen). I have a high pain tolerance. The area feels a little tight and numb. But nothing to horrible. It is hard to laugh and smile though. It feels like I had botox all over my face HA. My antibiotic is "amox" and I am also taking "Arnika Forte" for bruising. I go to my post op on Thursday which the doctor will look at everything and then I will be using the cream for under my chin scar which is called "Mupirocin". I love my chin right now I hope it stays how it is and it is not just "Swollen". (It doesn't look swollen) I do not know the specific size implant that my surgeon used yet but I am going to ask on Thursday. I am so happy right now! Hopefully my body doesn't reject the implant I would be so disappointed! Pictures are attached.

My doctor just called me to check in

My surgeon just called me to check in -- Very sweet!
I asked him which size he used and he said he used a "Large extended anatomical chin implant". I think that was the perfect choice! He said that he used a medium at first and tried a few different things to see with that size and it just wasn't what he thought looked best. I am glad he used a large. It seems perfect for my face and balanced it enough. I am happy!

Forgot to post my food for the next few days HA!

Smoothies, mac and cheese, and mash potatoes! I guess I'm a vegetarian for a few days =/ (Cannot really chew)

I also just noticed a bruise appear on the left side of my chin. Hopefully no more appear tomorrow! I know the second day is usually worse. ahhhhh

Before and after

Bored looking through pictures of my chin Lol. It looks so much better now! This is going to be a boring couple of days....can't do much. just relaxing... Can't wait to go out and about!

Day two

Sleeping was a little uncomfortable trying to sleep straight on my back the whole night with head up on pillows. I woke up once during the night and noticed I was on my side! Not good. I will have to sleep sitting on the couch tonight with my head back. I noticed slight swelling today. Still feels tight and stiff. Hopefully this goes away soon. I want my face to feel normal again! I go to my surgeon tomorrow and get the bandage removed and will see what it fully looks like with stitches and all. I haven't taken any pain meds today. Just my antibiotics and my Arnica for bruising. I will be getting vitamin C today since my doctor recommended that as well for faster healing. Can't wait to finish the Antibiotics. I hate taking pills. I have been drinking plenty of fluids, ginger ale, water. I have not experienced any nausea, so glad! (I have heard alot of people feel sick because of the stretched nerves) . I have just been sitting at home all day not doing much just watching TV so boring! I wan't to go out and about. Hopefully by this weekend.

Day three

Feeling good today! Went to my post-op and my surgeon took off the bandage and put ointment on the stitches and then covered it with a small piece of gauze and medical tape. I get the stitches out on Saturday. Other than that, it looks good, I love it! It really makes me feel better about myself. (It's crazy how a chin can make you happy HAHA). I finally have a balanced chin which I have always wanted. I did notice a cold sore on the inside of my lip which I think is just from having surgery and my mouth was a little dry from not being able to drink anything. (Cold sores are annoying). I put orajel on it hopefully it heals soon! As for pain, I have none. It is just feeling really itchy! Which means it is healing. Left bruise that appeared yesterday has gone down and no new ones appear. Swelling is pretty much non existent at this point. My body heals quickly! :) I can't wait to get the stitches out this weekend :) :)

Feeling good

Everything is improving more. I just feel really sleepy - Just sitting around is horrible! Lol. Can't wait till Saturday no more stitches. Changed the gauze 3 times today and put some ointment. It looks like it is healing well. Uploading some more pictures since I have nothing else to do :)

Day four

Feeling pretty much normal today. Very minimal stiffness. I would say a 2 out of 10. I can smile almost completely normal again. This is a fast healing process. I have been sleeping on a U- shaped pillow which really helps keep my head straight and upright. Under my chin is still itchy. Other than that, everything is going great!

Day five

Went to the surgeons today. He took out the stitches and put a "liquid bandage" on it. I see him again in 2 weeks so he can see how everything looks. It looks good so far just a little red. We are having a garage sale and my aunt came over and asked what happend to my chin because I had a bandaid on it before I went to the surgeon and I made up a lie and said I went to the dermatologist for a cyst they had to cut out LOL (I hate when people ask. So nosey). And then my neighbor came over and he said the same thing "What happend to your chin, that cut?". Enough questions people! I would never ask someone "what is on their face" It's kind of rude to ask!! UGHHHHH and I can't wear a bandaid since the surgeon put the liquid glue bandage and he said a bandage will probably get stuck and that's not good. I have a party in 2 weeks I hope it looks better because I can't put makeup on it for like three weeks :( Everything else is great tho just not all the questions. Stiffness is all gone. I'm glad it was an easy recovery! I have heard some bad stories so I was a little worried. But all is good. Yay!

Day five evening update

Went to the store today and I felt like everyone could see my incision beneath my chin. I think it's all in my head though. I'm sure it will get lighter each day, even with the liquid glue bandage on it for 2 weeks. I will be glad for these two weeks to be over and then I can cover it with makeup and not have to worry about people seeing the incision. I love my results and looking in the mirror. It's pretty funny. It's also crazy that my new beautiful chin costed more than my car LOL. The things we do for beauty! ;) Time for bed!

Day six

Feeling fine today. Incision beneath still noticeable. Not excited about that (Will upload incision picture this week)-Family is coming down in 4 days! I'm going to the store tomorrow to look for small band aids/ or medical tape to cover it. I'll have to keep repeating "the dermatologist story" for the next 2 weeks. Yay. -- New pictures uploaded. Also, noticed some new yellowish bruising today. Nothing to bad though.

Day seven

Finished taking my antibiotics yesterday. Still have 2 arnica bruising pills left to take and then I will just be taking the recommended vitamin C dosage. I can't believe it's been 7 days already! I emailed my surgeons office and asked if I am clear to drink on 7/4 because it states on the papers to wait 2 weeks till after surgery to drink alcohol. I stopped antibiotics on 6/29 and on 7/4 it will be 11 days since surgery. They said it is alright. I hope alcohol doesn't cause anything. (I guess it can cause bleeding if you drink to soon after surgery). Doubt that will happen though since I'm done with the prescribed pills and it will be almost at the 2 week mark. I haven't had alcohol since the middle of May. I miss having a drink or two on the weekends! :)

Before and After

People are still asking questions! because I wear a small bandaid to cover the scar until it heals up a bit. Here is a collage of my before and after to get a better look of them together. I hate looking at the before pictures YUCK Lol

More before and afters

Another before and after- different angle

Day twelve!

Family has been in town and I feel annoyed with this bandaid! Idk whats more noticeable the bandaid or the scar (since it is fresh). UGH! Literally everyone keeps asking what happend and why am I wearing a bandaid :O I'm sick of telling the dermatologist story seriously!! ! Why do people keep asking :( :( :( I can't wait for this liquid bandaid to come off and it heals faster and then I can stop wearing the other bandaid too! can't wait ! Just uploaded some more pics. Otherwise, I love my new chin hehe :) enjoy !

Day twelve evening

I just went out without a bandaid! I'm so over the bandaids. I just got home and washed my face and forgot I had a chin implant and was scrubbing my chin hard to clean my face and freaked out hahah, sometimes I forget it's there. I freak out like if I touch it to hard it's going to move or something. Ahhhhhh. It must be settled in by now. It's almost been 2 weeks and the surgeon makes the pocket small enough that the implant won't move much. I can't believe it's already been 12 days!

Day fourteen

Scar problems ! Went to get a pedicure today and the lady kept starring at my scar since its scabby right now and put me on the spot in front of everyone and said "what happend to your chin?". -__________- I think people have no manners seriously....... so over it...................... I would rather not go out in public right now until the scar has healed more. People annoy me so much. Am I the only one who has manners? ? ? This really made me mad today so I figured I would blog about it.... Lol..this has to be over the 20th person who has asked me already. Not happy with people lately

Day twenty three - Finally back on here!

Have not been on here much family was visiting and was busy busy! Now I'm sitting in the airport waiting for my next flight (Returning back to the West coast- Washington State)! I just went to Florida (My hometown) to finish something with school and get the procedure done- it was so much cheaper down there. I have a 3 hour layover so I figured this is the perfect time to update this :D The scab finally fell off! It looks almost invisible now. So much better. People aren't asking any more questions :) :) Thank god!!!!! That was getting old. People believed my dermatologist story ;) I can't believe its been almost a whole month since my procedure. Time flies. Oh I forgot to say, someone hugged me the other day and hugged me so hard and pushed my chin I was so paranoid it would move or something Lol It felt sorta tingly when they did that. Now I keep my face to the side (Sometimes I forget I even had the procedure and put pressure there when washing my face, etc on accident). I went to the surgeons this week and he gave me scar lotion to put on it for 3 months and he also did a small laser treatment to reduce the scarring (for free) yay - The scar is already light he was nice for doing the extra treatment. Let me say that did hurt more than anything it felt like a tattoo! I am uploading some more pictures. I feel completely normal and I don't feel like anything is in my face. So weird!. This procedure is totally worth it as long as your research your surgeon and make sure it is a board certified facial plastic surgeon who specializes only in the face. I went to 4 different surgeons and ended up going to the 4th one I'm so glad I did- He was the perfect choice. I hope this review helps you make your decision :) :)

Can't believe it's August!

I'm in the second month feeling great! Completely normal just putting on the scar cream everyday to lighten the scar more and more each day. I'm so glad I went with the 4th surgeon and put my trust in him because he was the only one who said a *large extended anatomical chin implant* would be the perfect size. All the others said a medium -- which now I know would not have been enough. He didn't even shave the wings because that gave me nice jaw definition. Crazy how every doctor is different. I'm so glad everything went smoothly with absolutely no problems. I met the perfect surgeon. Yay! Happy healing :-) Any questions just ask and I will be happy to answer!!

Looking through pictures

I love pictures now :)


Time flies !

Scar still there but atleast I have a chin now !! :)

Pics pics pics

Chin definition !

obssessed ! Lol


:) :)

When should I stop adding pics hahaha ;)

Over 2 months now! Love it. Time flies


Bored in the car why not add more pics ! :)



Yesterday I went to the dentist to talk about my teeth because they kinda hurt since my lower teeth don't match up evenly with my top teeth (even tho I had braces like 10 years ago) so the dentist said I could get braces again with rubberbands and that would straighten my bottom jaw to line up my teeth better. It's weird how it moved or something because I don't remember it being uneven a lot back then:/ so the dentist asked why I have a scar and I told him and he was amazed and was like oh wow we didn't even see the implant in the xray which is funny cause I thought they would (but it was a front X-ray so maybe that's why). He asked how they do a chin implant he thought they used bone? Lol I said no I have molded silicone in my face. It's kinda akward when people ask! Anyways now I have to decide if I want braces again to line up my teeth better ughhhh $$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$ $$$$$ . I wish money would just fall from the sky


PeoplE are crazy to get "jaw surgery". I'll stick to braces Lol. Insurance doesn't even pay for any because I'm over 19. Does that make any sense ? ? Insurance is a joke.

Pics from Surgeons office

Got my pictures from the office. Here is my before and the afters from the surgeon. Before pictures yuckkk


Here is the before and after side by side


Those individual pics were taken like 5 days after surgery so you can see I barley even swelled ! :)

Bored at work ;)

More pics

Another day at work.....

Boredom. At least this blog keeps me occupied :) :)


Always on here Lol


:) going to a wedding now !

Daily pictures ; )

I never know what to write for the title since I add so many pictures haha


Other dentist appointment

So I went to the other orthodontist appt & she said that braces and rubberbands could move my
Jaw but it wouldn't stay. :/ sooooo I guess I have to live with the unaligned teeth / centered front. Owell . Not getting jaw surgery! Sucks all these jaw problems -_- !


I hate imperfections !

Can't believe its October !

It's my birthday month 23 woohoo time flies :-) chin is great! Still have to finish paying it off hopefully by December before interest starts.

Birthday yesterday!


UPDATE; november already wow!

I can't believe my procedure was in JUNE! Here is some more pictures. I have been job hunting for a new job & had an interview today so hopefully I get something really soon. Interest starts on December 22 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I do not want that to happen. 6 months no interest is not enough time ugh. hopefully I have it all paid off by then or the latest the end of JAN. Other than that, everything is great :-) Any questions feel free to ask






6 months have officially passed.... Care credit bill was at $1,400 and just yesterday when my "promo period no interest" ended it went to $1,648 LOL its funny how they dont tell you interest is charged from when u did the surgery not from the 6 month point & on...... Really annoying..... Its like all my payments meant nothing since its back up to $1,600... Whatever... So over it! ! Money please fall from the sky




Time flies

Still have $$$$ to pay on my care credit. Advice to people: pay with cash..... So much interest with care credit. Pay it off quick. Plan it out in advance. No regrets tho!

Can't believe it's almost been a year!

Still love my chin!!!!! :) I don't feel anything in my face (which is amazing) no one would even know! Any questions feel free to ask. :) :)


Wow almost 1 year since surgery..............

Everything is great! I will be officially done paying my Care Credit Card in about 2 weeks.....that is amazing......! No more debt...Lol... I really can't believe how fast time has flown :)


Over a year since surgery day! Crazy! Everything is great. No regrets. I officially paid off my surgery...feels amazing. Any questions about the surgery? ask away..I would be happy to answer anything :)

2 1/2 years

2 1/2 years later .. the chin is doing fabulous! I don't feel anything in my face. Feels like my normal chin. No numbness and everything looks natural. I can't believe how fast time flies!! Any questions feel free to ask.
West Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon

My surgeon is amazing. He is professional and attentive. Very friendly and skilled. I am so happy with the overall procedure :-) Definitely recommend him!

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