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I've had large breasts since I was 10. Over the...

I've had large breasts since I was 10. Over the last few years, the back, neck & shoulder pain has increased. I love running, yoga & swimming & it's not always fun or comfortable to do them with breasts in your face :) This last year I gained a lot of weight (30+ lbs) & of course, my breasts grew too (34DDD-E),which on a 5'0" frame is a lot! Over the past several months, I've worked hard to lose the weight I've gained & am almost to my goal weight (10-15 lbs to go). Thankfully, with the weight loss my breasts have gotten a little smaller too (34D-DD).

What I'm most nervous about is the recovery period & scaring. I know that my areolas are definitely stretched & my breasts aren't as perky as they used to be (I have the classic nipple pointing down, etc.), but is surgery the answer for such a minor size change? Will going to a C alleviate all the things I'm hoping it will? I'm also nervous about my stomach now sticking out past my breasts... I guess that just means I will have to workout even harder! And, if I'm honest with myself, I'm worried what a future boyfriend will say/think about the scars (I'm single, no kids).

Maybe it's just the nerves talking, but to me, there are so many unknowns! #2WeekCountdown

Palm Beach Gardens Plastic Surgeon

They were recommended by multiple friends & doctors. I chose the location because that's where my family & biggest support network is to be able to take care of me during and after surgery. Plus, I figured Palm Beach has a higher rate of plastic surgery than some other areas.

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