Retin-A for New, Red Stretch Marks... - Palm Beach, FL

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I got a breast augmentation to correct breast...

I got a breast augmentation to correct breast asymmetry. I ended up with severe stretch marks all over my breasts. I did some research and discovered that my fav creme, Retin-A, which I already use on my face, works to improve the appearance of these nasty creatures. I couldn't find many reviews of the product when used for stretch marks so I figured I'd try to help out.
The thing about Retin A is that it takes a good while to work, but I've got all summer. I'm going to try the product for at least 3 months on my stretch marks before I give up, maybe longer. It took about 6 months for Retin A to totally clear up my acne-prone skin, which now looks fabulous. What it does is boost collagen production and constrict blood vessels, reducing redness and encouraging a smoother, firmer skin tone.
I am going to my dermatologist on Monday and will double check that my Retin-A micro (0.1%) is a-okay for my boob skin. Should be fine according to my research. Retin-A only works on fresh stretch marks (marks that are still red/purple).
Wish me luck!
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do NOT use Retin-A on stretch marks if you're pregnant or breastfeeding, it potentially causes birth defects!!
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