Pain 2 Years After Rhinoplasty

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It feels almost like muscle pain, with a burning...

It feels almost like muscle pain, with a burning sensation. I had osteotomies and no grafts, in a closed procedure, and also had the nasal spine reduced. A CT scan didn't show anything abnormal. It hurts more if I move it or flex it. It looks good, but I do have a bump at the top of the bridge that is not visible, but palatable. Also, a "muscle" kinda pops out on the one side about midway and is visible if I flex it by expanding the nostrils, but this is not usually visible either. Basically it feels like I was hit hard in the nose earlier in the morning or maybe yesterday.

2 years ago I had a rhinoplasty. Ever since then, I've continued to have pain that feels like a burning and dull ache. What could this be?
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