Pain Free Sinus Surgery

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Like any surgery there is apprehension. Luckily I...

Like any surgery there is apprehension. Luckily I was married to a nurse who described every aspect of the surgery, hand picked my surgeon and surgical staff, and was there to tell me to quit complaining and worrying about having to be "put under."

I had trouble breathing through my left nostril and snored terrribly (I guess). The snoring is a thing of the past, and my breathing has improved. I still get migraines from time to time, but sinus pressure and pain are also improved.  I was also really lucky because I didn't have any bruising at all after the surgery, which I guess is a sign that my doctor did a very good job.

During the sinus surgery, the doctor removed a nasal polyp, and she also fixed my deviated septum (septoplasty) and removed my uvula (not sure on the medical name for that).  So the cost of the surgery was a little higher than if I had just had sinus surgery, but luckily because these were "functional" procedures, insurance covered most of the costs.

One last note: the sinus surgery/septoplasty was painfree.  However, the removal of my uvula was awfully pain-FILLED!  Beware...

Dr. Iris Moore

I experienced very little post operative pain and absolutely no bruising. I was able to breathe out of both nostrils and I DO NOT snore anymore.

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