Pain and High Cost with Little Result - Boston, MA

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I had the more advanced fraxel procedure in which...

I had the more advanced fraxel procedure in which repeated treatments are not necessary. Dr told me it would help with skin tightening, but there would be limited down time. Instead, I had significant burning, almost equal to what I would have had from a conventional laser treatment, but with very little result. It helped removed some of my discoloration, but not completely. It did nothing for skin tightening or pore size improvement. It also burned underneath one eye, leaving a pock mark and dark discoloration. I certianly would not do this treatment again, I am not happy with the results and was very unhappy with the amount of down time (1 week of completely bloody face). There were 4 full days of burning sensation -- no sleep, etc. It was really terrible.

Ann Sera

My doctor did not inform me correctly about the level of pain or the effectiveness of the procedure. Additionally, the doctor said she would treat my neck, and then did not.

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