32 Yo, No Kids...just Want Bigger Boobs! 5'2" 155lb. Athletic

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I have to say I absolutely love my breasts but I...

I have to say I absolutely love my breasts but I just wish they were bigger. I haven't selected a doctor or even set my mind that I will definitely get them. Their size has become smaller and now I have started to look into it more seriously and started to do more research which has led me to this site! I workout on a daily basis and very active outdoors and with animals. So I'm not looking to go huge but be able to wear a bra (possibly a full C) and not have inches of padding along with my body looking proportional. There is currently no plan for kids but I do not want that option taken away from me or for it to affect a child.

The biggest thing that I fear and have prevented me from getting them is that my body may reject them, not healing properly and most of all a good doctor. Therefore, I have started to become more serious on my research.

So far I would do under the muscle along with axillary incision and to be high profile. So good and bad input is helpful!

Met someone who had hers done

So I met this lady out with a group of friends and somehow got in the topic and she said she had hers done (couldn't tell at all! ) of course I had tons of questions! But her doctor sounded amazing! The only thing she wishes she went smaller.....size is such a big decision! !
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