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I had orbital fat grafting and skin removal on one...

I had orbital fat grafting and skin removal on one eye yesterday. I had hollow eyes, but one didn't look hollow because it had a lot of skin covering it. So far, I have no bleeding or bruising. My eyes are just very swollen and I can't fully close one eye. Maybe that eye is more swollen because it is the one that had skin removed. So far, my eyes look good. I can't wait till the swelling goes away!

It has been 8 days and my eyes look pretty much...

It has been 8 days and my eyes look pretty much back to normal! They are so symmetrical now and I am very happy! I hope they don't change that much! There is still a little swelling and when I close my eyes, you can tell they were operated on. I know there is still some healing to do, but so far they look good. The scar at the fat grafting site isn't noticeable at all. The doctor did a great job!

My eyelashes point up now! On my right eye, my...

My eyelashes point up now! On my right eye, my eyelashes pointed down, which always bothered me. Removing the skin helped and now they point up like on the left side! The only thing that bothers me is that there is a little flap of skin on the inner corner of my left eye (so there's like two creases at the inner corner). It is like he sewed that little piece of skin wrong. I hope it goes away or smooths out.

It has been just over a year, and now that all the...

It has been just over a year, and now that all the swelling has gone away I have to say it was not worth it. The fat didn't stay in my left eye, which was the one that was more hollow in the first place. There is some improvement, but not $8,000 worth. I feel so depressed for wasting so much money, and so self-conscious because my eyes are back to being noticeably asymmetrical. I don't know what to do. Even if I did know of any doctors that do this surgery, I probably wouldn't try because it is so expensive and didn't work the first time. Maybe I will try fat injections. I should have tried that in the first place since it is a lot cheaper. I thought the surgery would be better because almost all of the fat is supposed to stay and I heard you can see a line of fat when you close your eyes if you get the injections. Does anyone know if that's true? I want to have pretty eyes again but it seems hopeless. :(

I take back my last update. As long as I stay...

I take back my last update. As long as I stay hydrated, you can't see the hollowness of my eyes. This is a great improvement from before, when my eyes were always hollow no matter what. So yes, I say it was worth it even though sometimes my eyes still look hollow because it usually only lasts a couple days at a time. I just freaked out because I don't want the hollowness to be permanent. Some days my eyes look perfect, others really hollow, and most of the time, just a little hollow. I hope drinking a lot of water works to help my eyes look good everyday. I still am not sure if the procedure was worth the price though. I wish more fat would have stayed in!

This is my final update! They say that after one...

This is my final update! They say that after one year you see your final results, but for me it took about a year and a half. I had a little bit of asymmetry until then, but now my eyes are so symmetrical! I'm so impressed with the doctor's skill. Most doctors say they have to operate on both eyes if you have asymmetry because it's hard to get them symmetrical if you do only one eye. The only problem with doing one eye is that I have two creases on one side and one on the other now. I wish I asked him to remove my second crease from both eyes because I thought that might happen but too late for that. Luckily, it's not very noticeable and my eyes still look much better than before. I thought 8K was a lot of money for this surgery, but I looked through reviews and it seems like a lot of people paid 4-5K for eyelid surgery and no fat grafting so it actually seems reasonable. If I had gone to someone else, it could have been a disaster so it was very worth it. He was so conservative, which is very important in eyelid surgery. I haven't had any problem with hollowness since my last update. Maybe it's true that the fat grows or multiplies a little bit once it takes.
Dr. Frank Meronk

The doctor is very thorough and spent a lot of time with me, even though I was late! I was told my consultation would have to be cut short, but he wasn't rushed at all. He still answered all my questions. He is one of the only doctors who does orbital fat grafting and I'm so glad I found out about him just before he retires! He's the best of the best.

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