My Smartlip Experience - Overland Park, KS

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I had a breast reduction in 2007 which was paid...

I had a breast reduction in 2007 which was paid for through my employers medical insurance. Since I was already on the table under anesthesia I requested to pay extra for liposuction completed on my flanks, my inner thighs, and I assumed my back from the bra line down. What the doctor and his nurses failed to tell me was that it is impossible to do my breast and my back at the same time. In fact, the only thing the doctor really did kinda right was my breast reduction. The liposuction was a waste of my time and my money. I have been investigating Smartlipo for over 3 years and after several unforeseen circumstances I am finally ready to have the procedure completed. I have interviewed three doctors (two in Wichita, KS and one in Overland Park, KS) as follows: the first doctor is with a high end spa and each time I met with a nurse, I have yet to see the doctor. Every time I speak with a different nurse she gives me different prices on the same areas. In fact, I cannot even meet with the doctor until I am ready to pay in full so I have pretty much given up on this doctor. The second doctor made me so uncomfortable during our visit that he freaked me out and I refuse to allow him to touch me. The third doctor is located in Overland Park, KS and he immediately made me feel comfortable and welcome in his office. I was able to meet with him and not one of his nurses. I felt that he was really listening to what I wanted and helped me to understand what to expect before, during, and after the procedures. I could tell from his personality that he cares about his work and he is dedicated to his customer satisfaction. It is a little inconvenient traveling back and forth between Wichita and Overland Park but I believe it will be worth it in the end. I am submitting this entry without photos but plan to submit another entry right before my procedure with photos.

Overland Park Family Physician

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