Flanks / Abdomen 1.2 Liters Removed

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Male - 58 - 191lbsHad my flanks and Abdomen done...

Male - 58 - 191lbsHad my flanks and Abdomen done in April and just had my 3 month post op. I continue to wear my garment at night and in the mornings the swelling is minor, however when I get home from work, I look like I did before I had the treatment.  I read alot of posts and I see everything from swelling lasting anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 years, so which is it. I have tried to remain optimistic, but the reality seems to be coming clearer with each passing day, that this is as good as it gets. I told the surgeon that my number one fear was being disappointed with the results and that fear appears to be coming true.


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Not happy with flanks

Its now been 7 months since surgery and I am not happy with how my flanks turned out. They both still bulge out around my waist band. My abs came out really well only to be spoiled by my flanks. At my six month visit I requested a meeting with the surgeon, but he played it off as just loose skin. I don't think so. It feels like fat to me. I am going back for a second opinion and will ask to speak with a different surgeon. I have kept my weight down and have no sagging skin on my abs or anywhere else on my body. I'm very fit and I feel like the surgeon is just playing off my concern.
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