28 Yrs/ 5'7.5"/138lbs/415Left FP,450cc Right FP -Overland Park, KS

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Wanted a boob job since age 14. I waited through...

Wanted a boob job since age 14. I waited through puberty to see if they would grow. Waited through my twenties to see if they'd grow or of I'd feel differently about them with time. 14 years later, no change of feelings I graduated from college, got a good job a good company and decided it give myself a congratulatory gift. I earned it.

Did some research, went to 2 consultations but I felt more comfortable with Dr. Levi Young because he'd taken over a practice - no small feat and a huge honor in recognition of his capability and potential. A retiring doctor (Dr. Hall) choosing a protege (Dr. Levi Young) capable of carrying on Dr. Hall's legacy. Even though there was a lack of before and after photos I could browse (St. Luke's wouldn't release pictures of his previous work), his artwork, previous reviews, praise from his staff and seeing he'd be voted next next plastic surgeon in KC gave me confidence in him. Plus, his nurse Kim, followed him from St. Luke's to Advanced Cosmetic Surgery. I liked that he chose what would work best for me while giving me flexibility to decide which size to choose from his recommendations. He didn't use a bunch of lingo to make himself seem more credible. He respected my nervousness and understood what I wanted to achieve.

In the 2 months leading up to the surgery, nurse Kim was am absolute joy, so was Lori!. Kim answered all of my million questions, helped me decide on sizes for Dr. Young to ultimately choose from and settled my nerves and anxiety.

The day of surgery, Dr. Young was right on time. We decided right then and there to go with the 415cc silicone on the larger breast 450cc on the smaller breast to even out symmetry. He marked my skin and off I went into the operating room. I woke up hours 1.5 hours later (really groggy) and in more pain I had expected. Nothing unmanageable and the nurses kept that in check for me. They gave me some Coke-a-Cola so that was delightful since i was parched. .

My boyfriend and his mom took care of me after leaving the HOA surgery center. Other than losing track of time and days, and struggling to text, everything had improved quickly. The nurse was right, the day of surgery would be the worst and the next dear would be light years better. Painful, but tolerable. The valium really helps with relaxing the chest muscles.

Dr. Young called this morning to check up on me which which was lovely. It feels nice to be cared about and that my surgeon wanted to make sure things were going smoothly. I have my post-op appointment next Monday.

All in all, I received world class treatment and care. Pain management was excellent, instructions were clear, expectations of me and medical staff were clear. Most of all? My breasts look lovely and I am excited to see the final result!

Day 4 picture

Day 4 Update

Day 5 Pictures


Day 6 - less meds, more coherent...better spelling and grammar!

I have an exciting interview on Tuesday and had to buy a bra to give my un-settled breasts an appropriate shape for the shirt I'll wear. I bought a very lined, white Body by Victoria bra. It's very soft, very lightly lined. Amazing - the size that I fit that looked right and was comfortable was a 34D. I know VS sells bras with cups sizes labeled as sizes that what they should really be labelled as. So, I'll guess that I have a large C cup. I think once the swelling subsides, I'll be a C cup - which is perfect. Just big enough, not too big.

Day 8 - Brilliant Contours Compression Bra

So most of our PSs give us compression bras with a required time to wear them. Now that my week has passed, I've switched over to my new 'post-surgery' compression bra. The one Dr. Young gave me was surprisingly nice - not like your gmas bra lol. It was soft enough in the best area that there wasn't too much pressure on the swelling and plenty of places to adjust for comfort.

Weeks before the surgery date, I began researching post-surgery breast care and the importance puff thr compression bra. I've been given the OK to not wear one during the day for comfort buy to absolutely wear one at night. Anyway, I spent a few days researching post-surgery bras...99% were ugly, didn't lol like it'd to thr job and were outrageously priced. One even included a band to wrap across top of your breasts to encourage them to go down. This was something that bothered me because everything I read said that THAT band was used in special situations and had to be prescribed by a doctor.

Anyway, I came several Real Self posters who RAVED about a compression bra from a company called Brilliant Contours. So I gave them a shot and looked up their website, and she enough there were cute post-surgery bras galore. They had looked for "primary breast augmentations" and a mor expensive one for women who undergo mor extensive chest procesures. They describe exactly how they work, why they work, the importance of them and why you should use them. Each bra I bought was about $62...total of about $125 for 2. The plus to this odd that these bras are made not just with elastic but a social compression material which supports and protects the breasts even after they've healed. The band sizes are different because they have you size lower than your bra band - about 1.5 to 2 inches. And each regular bra is x-number band and accommodates up to DD. Thru have dissent sizing to accommodate largest sizes. They are lots of cute styles and i love mine. They even came with a small gift and handwritten note. It's a private company, I think it's mainly one woman with a few employees ore something. Here's their website:http://brilliantcontours.com/
Even once you're healed, they double as really great and supportive sports bras too. Here's a couple of pictures. Mine was a 29" band, my bra band is 34" - just to illustrate their sizing difference. I can't find one of the bras right now so I just got a picture of their website. Check them out!

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I hope whoever reads this knows the errors and spelling mistakes are from my phone that I've overlooked and can't go back and edit the review...so...that's just my disclaimer. I'm not a bad writer!

6 week post-op update

I'd say most of the swelling is gone. I think they are looking pretty great! There are certainly perky. They have been settling the last few weeks, ie they are not as high as they were. The fullness on top that made me uncomfortable has decreased. They still look a bit unnatural from the side however a huge improvement from day 1. Patience and breast massage!

6 week update cont'd.

R=450cc L=415cc silicone. My left side seems to have been settling faster. My right side has the larger implant, it's been slower to soften than the left. I noticed in the pictures I took tonight, that one appears larger than the other although in the mirror it's been imperceptible. I am right handed so that's my dominant side. I've read that one side will usually settle, drop, (whatever you want to call it) - faster than the other.

Also, I'm wearing Scar Away strips on the incisions.

6 week post op cont'd.

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9 month update

Overland Park Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Levi Young is professional, an expert in his knowledge base and cares about what the patient wants/doesn't want. Not a man of many words but powerful words that are clear and sends a clear message. Doctors that are too wordy can be overwhelming and come off as pushy causing patients to forget pertinent details. Dr. Levi Young is great. Another note, initially, I had wanted the implants inserted through the armpit. With Dr. Young's explanation and research I did on my own, he was right about having the best access to achieve the best placement of the implant through an inframammery incision. Most women who undergo breast augmentation will have to go back at some point. Arm pit incisions can only be used once, and then in the future, they have to go through the breast anyway. May as well use the old incision cite instead of creating a new one.

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