47 Yrs Old, Treatment for Brow Lift, $14/unit - Overland Park, KS

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I got botox in my "11"s area specifically because...

I got botox in my "11"s area specifically because my brow have always been low and have gotten lower as I've gotten older. I got around 2-3 units above each outer brow which did give me a little lift and around 20 units on each inner brow (the 11s), which did not work and actually depressed the brows slightly. In my research, this happens for 5% of people, that it just doesn't help. I actually don't have the 11s wrinkles at all, I don't furrow my brow normally. Now I've actually tried this botox twice and both times it hasn't worked (I had different people object, thinking possibly it was where the botox was applied). The last time I requested just one side be done and she talked me into doing both sides so I wouldn't be lop sided. However this just cost me $200 unnecessarily and now I'm just waiting for it to wear off! It's been 3 1/2 months and I'll probably need another 3. It's less noticeable than it was initially, it kind of comes and goes, sometimes it's noticeable lower and sometimes it just looks like nothing has been, but there's definitely no lift at all where I really wanted it. Just make sure to go to an experienced injector and know that for some people it just doesn't work and you'll be stuck waiting it out. :(
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