OUCH, but Works

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*Treatment results may vary

*This is normally $600 per syringe, but my...

*This is normally $600 per syringe, but my provider was having a special. Man, did this Hurt. I had my smile lines and nasial folds (sp?) done. Tears came to my eyes. so the cons are in my opinion, that it hurts.

Also, results were not entirely symmetrical. I still have a faint line on my right smile but nothing on the left. Also, on the left side, some product got into the far left upper portion of my lip (not the pigmented part). This to me looks a little larger than my lip on the other side. I will say though, no one notices but me, but still...

Worth it for the $300 but for the pain and price of $600, I think I'll pass for now. Oh one more upshot is that it lasts for a year or more, so that's pretty cool. I'm sure someday I'll try it again when lines are more severe.

http://www.newimagelaserandskin.com/ Dr. L. Janowski

He is very experienced in the cosmetic injectables

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