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I bought a groupon on line and went in to get my...

I bought a groupon on line and went in to get my teeth done. I was worried with all the reviews iv read but I thought why not try it.
My teeth were white to start with but iv always wished to have like glowing white teeth, how ever the dentist said I may not see much of a difference, and it should lighten one to two shaded lighter.

He put vasilin on my lips suck a guard in my mouth to open my lips and spread my teeth a bit. Applied jell to my teeth and nothing on my gums and then places a blue light on my teeth for 20 mins and then a few seconds rest when machine turned off then again another 20 mins and then he came in rinsed off the jell took off the guard and told me to swish in my mouth some green liquid I think floride maybe for 1 min so I wouldn't have sensitivity after. Then I was done.

When I looked into the mirror I thought omg it's very blotchy and alot of white lines I looked horrible but they said the calcium in my teeth were low and it needed saliva to be on them a bit and it would calm down. Which it did a few hrs later.

I'd say I don't see a difference but when it's side to side pictures before and after there is a small difference and no zingers yay

My teeth are very sensitive now

I never had sensitivity before but now even when my mouth close and teeth touch during eating or talking I notice a certain new feeling in my teeth. Same for when I drink coffee or cold drinks. I hope it doesn't last forever.
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