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I am going to be having a revision...

I am going to be having a revision rhinoplasty/septoplasty with Dr antoniak in about 27 days. First off let me briefly tell you about my primary rhinoplasty, I had it done almost 3 years ago in the Middle East, I didn't do much research on the doctor, I didn't do much research on rhinoplasty in general. I was very young and made a reckless move. Long story short, the doctor completely destroyed my nose, not only did he give me an unattractive nose with a very long tip, he ruined my breathing too. My nose has been dysfunctional ever since my primary rhinoplasty. I had no health issues with my nose I just wanted cosmetic changes before. Now I cannot breathe, I have a deviated septum which I didn't used to have, I developed snoring for the first time in my life, my cartilages have collapsed and dented inwards to my nose which block the airways to breathe and I also have sinus problems in my forehead (mucus clogged up in my forehead). For these past few years I've been so depressed and angry at myself for letting myself go through such an unprofessional rhinoplasty. I asked my family doctor what I should do, he referred me to an ENT specialist and that man referred me to Dr antoniak who is also an ENT specialist and cosmetic surgeon. when I spoke to Dr antoniak I knew from the first consultation that I would go ahead with the revision rhinoplasty. 

I didn't want to travel far so I did intense research on who is the best surgeon for rhinoplasty in Ottawa. I compared reviews on other doctors but none seemed to be as great as Dr Antoniak's. Dr Antoniak made me feel at ease, he was honest and patient, he answered all of my questions. He told me I needed to have realistic expectations for a revision rhinoplasty. He said he will perform a revision septoplasty (as well as cosmetic changes) and an endoscopic sinus surgery. He has over 28 years experience in this field and he is the founder of the the cosmetic and facial surgery of Ottawa. I need a very skilled surgeon to fix my complicated nose and I think he might be the one. I went through with a digital imaging and loved how the pictures looked. I hope my revision turns out like the digital imaging. After about 8 months I finally had time between school and work to squeeze in for a 2 week recovery. I have booked my surgery for the end of November. I'm excited but also super nervous!!! I know I am in good hands. I just can't wait to be able to breathe again and to have confidence in the way my nose looks.

2 days pre op

2 days left until surgery... and I am freaking out!! I'm not afraid of the after pain or the bruising I am just terrified of general anesthesia. I always have these 'what if something goes wrong' thoughts. I've been under it once but I didn't know about the risks back then. Feeling extremely nervous right now.

Day 5 post op

Surgery is complete. Dr antoniak performed SeptoRhinoplasty and an endoscopic sinus surgery. The staff at the hospital were really great. I had a lot of pain,brusing, swelling on the first 3 days. Eating and sleeping was a bit hard. I have 'racoon eyes' from my bruising. I never had this much bruising with my first rhinoplasty but I heard you get more swelling and brusing with a revision. I'm continuing to use my arnica pellets for brusing. Tomorrow I'm getting my cast off. I'm really nervous because I don't want to have that feeling of disappointment again... and judging from the cast on right now I don't know if it's as small as I want, though I'm still very swollen and I need to wait. I am hoping everything turns out okay. I'll be posting some before and after pictures when the cast is off !

One year and 4.5 months later

revision rhinoplasty takes longer to heel then a primary rhinoplasty, i started really seeing a difference within 10 months. You need to be paitent. i would definitely recommend dr antoniak still. Here's a before and after picture from my botched rhinoplasty and my resvision rhinoplasty. i love my doll-like nose !
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Dr Antoniak is an intelligent man, he was very understanding of what I had been through on my primary rhinoplasty and what I wanted to change. He listened to all my concerns and gave me his honest opinion.

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