15 Years Old - Ottawa, IL

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I had wanted my teeth whitened since I could...

I had wanted my teeth whitened since I could remember and now that I had a job and could afford to purchase it for myself I did. I went into the consultation very pessimistic due to all of the reviews saying how terrible it was. The doctor was extremely nice and very knowledgeable. These "zingers" were barely even noticeable and caused me little pain due to the fact i only had two during the entire 45 min procedure. Although after my procedure i had multiple strong zingers if i opened my mouth due to the sensitivity of the breeze on my teeth. The whiteness of my teeth improved so much and I was extremely happy. The cost and pain was minuscule to the outcome of the procedure and the fact it made me much happier and more confident. If the procedure is done correctly by a dentist there should be very little pain, but the zingers are dependent on the sensitivity on each persons teeth.
Ottawa Dentist

My doctor was extremely knowledgable and very attentive throughout the procedure. The next day I received a card in the mail from him thanking me; which I was extremely impressed by. His team of hygienists and assistants were kind and welcoming from the time I came into the office until the time I left.

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