20 Years of Dreaming Finally Happening! Ottawa, ON

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20 years of being incredibly self concious about...

20 years of being incredibly self concious about my breasts is taking a pretty massive toll on me so I finally decided to make my dreams of beautiful breast come true. After a ton of reaserch I am now finaly making this dream come true. I'm confident about my surgeon, I can't wait to post updates :)


During my initial consult I chose my implants (345grams round/moderate prejection cohesive gel) A couple of days went by and I was unsure of my decision so I made another appointment to revisit this with Dr Nodwell and his nurse Melinda who by the way is super fun and professional. Dr Nodwell was happy to see me and further explain to me the details of possible outcomes with various sizes and shapes of implants. He left the room for me to try on more sizers with Nurse Melinda and returned to help me make the best decision based on my wants and needs. My final decision is now made and I'm super excited, I chose 415grams round/moderate projection cohesive gel implants. This girl is finally gonna be boobalicious!

3 sleeps to go!????

This morning I got confirmation of my surgical agenda for March 21st. I'm super excited and am in a bit of a daze that this is actually happening. I am finally getting the girls I want! Stay tuned ladies, details to follow in the coming days and weeks????

They're heeere!!!

Surgery took place yesterday. I was 3.5 hours in the OR. It all went well. Dr Nodwell was awesome about it all and explained the surgery as he was making his markings on my chest. I'm excited to see them, I get to remove some of my dressings and shower them today. The medical bra goes back on afterwards and have been advised to put feminine napkins inside my bra to absord anything that may leak out. The pain is fairly high but manageable. I can move around but I'm slow. All in all it's great so far!

The girls 24 hours after surgery

Oh wow! Boobalicious! They are fantastic, I'm so happy! Can't wait for them to drop and continue to heal????

2 days post-op

Bruising is starting to settle in today, my right breast is slightly more swollen but overall the girls are looking fabulous, I'm still in shock that they are mine and that there is no sign of the old saggy boobs. I'm so excited about all this????

5 days post-op

I'm feeling good today, the girls are colorful but they feel like they are healing quite well. There is obviously still lots of swelling and the implants still need time to drop but recovery is going well. I'm loving the idea that they are mine, I can't wait to squish them???? I would love to know if anyone has experienced nipples moving upwards as the implants drop. I love love live my girls but would like the nips a tad higher. I know its only been a few days and they will change a lot in the next few months and I will also ask my PS at my post-op to confirm but I'm just so excited about all this!!!!

1 week post-op

Today I'm experiencing emotions I didn't think I would have. I suppose it's part of the healing process. My girls have started dropping into place which is awesome but they are still kinda pointing down and I'm not sure I like that. I'm really looking forward to seeing my surgeon on Wednesday so I can ask him about this. He's truly awesome so I know he'll be able to help me through this. I'm also still wearing my medical bra and it's really aggresing my rib cage so I am hoping that I get the green light for normal sports bras this week but overall I'm still extatic, my girlfriends tell me my chest is a masterpiece and that I have barbie boobs ???? The girls are still quite hard but I know its too soon to make a judgement on that, I'm just so excited to squish them hahaha!!!

I went for a long walk and it felt great! The girls are doing great

So I went for a super long walk, it was slow paced but the sun was shinning so it was an nice 2.5 hours in farm land :) the country makes me happy! It's calm! Today I'm happy and excited for tomorrow, I get to see my surgeon and he is removing the tapes that are covering my incisions. :) I feel very good about it, Stand-by for updates! Here are today's pics!

First post-op

I saw my surgeon today, I'm healing very well at this stage (9 days in). My incisions look great and overall everything looks great. My right girl is more swollen and a tad bit higher but that will settle with time. Same goes for the dropping of the implants, they will settle in time and support the nipples at a higher spot on my boobies :D

I am doing well activity wise and am to keep up what I have been doing for another 2-3 weeks. I will be able to start adding more intesity then.

I'm allowed to sleep on my side providing it doesn't cause me discomfort and I have graduated to sports bras wich makes my rib cage ultra happy!!! I no longer need to wear the torchure device they call surgical bras, that thing was awesome to keep the girls in place but holy hell for the rib cage, ha! I'm relieved of it :)

Just wanna show my yellow sports bra

No real update today, just loving these new sports bras and wanted to show my yellow one! More updates soon :)

2 weeks + 1 day post op

Things are moving along and slowly getting better :) The pain is alot less prominent which is good, only up hill from here. I've been taking daily walks and moving around more. Overall recovery is coming along quite well to date!

Side comparison

Clearly I've lost track of time

For some reason when I prepared my 2 previous posts I though I was two weeks plus a day post op but I was a tad off in my tracking. I was smack on the 2 weeks bench mark, sorry ladies

Scars update

Hi ladies,

Today's photos are really just about showing how fast my incisions are healing. I really have to emphasize that my girls are not photogenic, they look really awesome in person, maybe it's the lighting lol

Lovely settling

Hello ladies!!!

As most of you know being this early in recovery can be one major boobie blues experience, one day you love your new girls and the next you don't love them so much but what I can say today is that I'm happy with my new look. It's super natural, nothing here looks fake and my swelling is reducing drastically wich is making the girls alot less painful. That said, I'm now experiencing more sensation where my incisions are wich is a great sign of healing! I use my scar recovery gels under my scar tape as prescribed by my surgeon and I am absolutely amazed at how nice that is healing.

I have another follow up with my surgeon tomorrow and I have some questions for him but overall I believe I am healing extremely well.

Have a lovely day ladies :)

Scar care

Good morning lovelies,

I just thought I would post a blurb on my scar care. I use 2 gels by SkinMedica that my surgeon provided me with. One is the scar recovery gel with centelline and the other is the TNS Recovery Complexe. They are both applied after washing and drying the incisions and covered with a breathable medical tape made by 3M. This is done every two days and on the day I shower and keep my tapes I blow dry them before I put my bra back on. Although the tapes are sticky they do not hurt when they are removed as long as they are not wet. The tapes also act as a barrier and promotes the gel penetrating into the skin and nourrishing my wounds for 2 days as well as saving my bras from getting all full of gel and removing any benefical treatment to the scarring. I'm very please with my progress so far and will continue to use this scar treatment to ensure they heal perfectly.

3 weeks ~ scar update

Hello lovelies!

Just checking in today to show my scar process. They are healing wonderfully :) I am very much waiting for my hips to be pushed up by implants settling, time is my friend but I'm not being very patient lol

3 weeks and 3 days post-op

All in all the girls are healing awesome, slow'y shifting into place, nipples rising and lower poles filling up. I don't have much to news to share but still wantwd to show progress :)

Scar update - 4 weeks +1 day post op

Hi ladies! Super quick update, kind of in a rush. I changed my tapes today and applied a fresh layer of my SkinMedica gels. My scars look pretty awesome. I'll write a better update after I see my surgeon on Friday.

5 weeks

Hello lovelies! So today marks my 5 week anniversary. I saw my surgeon a few days ago and ladies let me tell you that I cannot stress enough that having a good relationship with your surgeon is of utmost importance. So although I love the transformation I have legit concerns about where my nips are located at the moment. When I saw Dr Nodwell on Friday he sat with me and explained to me in detail what normal breasts should look like and what he designed for mine to look like while in the OR. He explained to me that he saw what my girls will look like in the OR and what changes I will be seeing over the next few months. He took the time to hear me out and ensured me that my implants still have to move in order for them to support the nipples up where they are meant to be. He understands that recovering from a physical transformation requires an emotional healing and requires his patients to be tristing and patient so he does take the time to ensure the overall healing is happening correctly. Each time I see him and I more and more confident in what he tells me what will happen. I look forward to my next appointment with him as well as the rest of my healing journey. I've attached photos for you ladies to see. My scars are absolutely fantastic! My skin is still slightly shinny but that will go away. My left boob is healing/dropping faster than my right but that will even itself out as I heal. Overall my new girls are awesome, they are getting softer and softer and look and feel more and more like real breasts. They also look awesome when I lay down and the change is subtle enough that there is no major change in how I look when I am dressed which was my #1 request and that was to not look like I belong in a gentlemen's club. That said I can certainly attain that look with a push up bra if I have an even that requires more vavavoom in the cleavage area. My girls are versitile and that is really awesome! I don't own push bras as I am not allowed to wear them yet but this coming weekend I can go get measured and fitted so my next update will have more on that! Enjoy the pics and I am looking forward to all your updates!

7 weeks

Happy Monday lovelies! Here is a quick update of my healing. Today marks 7 weeks, my workout restrictions have all been lifted as of last week. That being said I have been active throughout my recovery keeping in mind my limitations. I'm now back to spinning and lifting, it's all very slow and very light weight but definitely a start and I'm happy about that :) I go see Dr Nodwell in 2 days and am looking forward to show him my progress. My right boob is healing at a slower pace so its still higher than leftie but it will heal, drop and the implant will expand in time. My nipples are starting to move up and that will also take more time. Overall I have to say that my girls are awesome. I can't wait to see what the final look will be this coming fall. I think I may be experiencing boob greed hahaha! I really wish my breast pockets could have held the original implant size I wanted to have a bit of a larger chest but in the end longevity of my boob job will benefit from the smaller implants so that's a total thumbs up!

10 weeks post op

Hi ladies! How is the world of recovering boobies doing today?! Well today marks my 10 weeks post op. Healing at this stage is now at turtle Speed. This is now where I really test my patience and wait for 4 more months to see the end result more or less. I am still fascinated by what my surgeon was able to do with my chest but at the same time I'm holding off on giving my opinion on the girls, I'm just in a state of "not sure" if that makes any sense at all. I mean I love them but I don't at the same time, maybe its all part of the healing process. Only time will tell. As for pics, I only have a couple to show today, I'm loving this new bra of mine, it's quite fantastic. There is absolutely no push up in it so I'm very natural looking but its classy so I like it. My incisions are healing well, I will photograph them in a few more weeks so that you ladies may see an actual difference but I'm pleased with my scaring that's for sure! That's all for now, more to come later bellas!!!

Positivity is so important

This is where I have to stop and think of the reality of my situation. I've been struggling with my chest my entire life and dreaming of the day I would entrust a surgeon to help me. I have researched many clinics and surgeons over the years and came to the conclusion that Dr Nodwell of The Ottawa Clinic was the best possible choice for me. I was treated like royalty from the time I walked in to his clinic, through all my pre-op appointments and surgery and now in post-op. The level of professionalism is by far exceeding all my expectations and what is even more important then that and I only realize that now is that Dr Nodwell is so compassionate and caring. He's done an incredible job on me and my results are pretty fantastic. I had absolutely no complications, very little pain, the bruising was minimal. My scaring is phenomenal I've even been asked by other real self ladies what type of stitching was done on me and what scar care I use and so on. My breasts are full and round and squishy! My nipples are small, pretty much identical to one another and relatively right where they should be. I can wear clothes without a bra, they are super awesome when I lay down or bend over or lay sideways. I was given an amazing set of breasts that are by far the most natural looking pair of fake boobies I have ever seen and I can certainly push them up into a sexy bra and have the sexyness when its appropriate so not only are they fabulous when they are not pushed up but they're spectacular when they have to be! Versatility was not part of my original plan but I have come to realize that its quite important. So the question I find myself asking is why am I such an emotional wreck about all this?! I logically know all these wonderful things about my new girls but I can't seem to be on the same page emotionally. Maybe its part of the emotional issue I had prior to my surgery regarding my chest, its a bit confusing to me and it must baffle my surgeon. That said the point of this forum is to share our experiences and support each other positively. My surgeon is absolutely fantastic. He is helping me through this tricky part of my recovery and I feel that it is valuable for me to share this because for one his work is incredible and two, he cares! Its not only about seeing his next patient, he genuinely cares and that my friends is pretty spectacular and its making things easier everytime I see him. I saw him just this morning and we discussed a plan on how we could make this journey easier so that I can overcome this negative emotional state I'm in. Just in case you ladies are curious, no I'm not thinking revision because there is really nothing to fix! My surgeon is following me very closely, I see him and his staff every 3 weeks. I must say that I am blessed to have Dr Nodwell as my surgeon, he's truly an amazing human being and I look forward to the rest of my journey with him and the rest of the staff at the clinic. I guess this is a reminder to myself and to all you ladies who are struggling that we have to look at the positive and when we focus on that then life will be so much better. I have to remind myself that I am beautiful and I am worthy of feeling beautiful and these awesome new boobies on my chest are mine and I should be proud to say that I'm proud of them! I don't know if my surgeon will see this but he needs to know he's by far the most super awesome!

This week marks 3 months post-op

Hi ladies! Quick update, healing at this stage is slow turtle speed but all very good. There isn't much change other than slight shifting but it's minimal so I will wait for more photos but in the meantime look at that bra!! It's so vibrant!

New bras are fun now!

So it's been just over 3 months now, things have slowed down in the shifting and healing process. Aside from a bit of nipple and scar sensitivity I have no pains or complications. I do however find it awkward to lay on my stomach now so I simply avoid it all together. Other then that I had my 3 months post operative appointment last week and my Surgeon is very pleased with my healing. He sais I have about 15% shifting left and that will take several more months. I also have post surgical hyperpigmentation around most of my scars but that should also be gone by my year anniversary so I will try to avoid judging that until a year has passed. I'm being more positive with my whole experience now, I'm truly trying to appreciate them. I've bought way to many bras but they're fun to shop for now! Here's my newest addition, got it from adoreme.com its awesome and it makes the girls quite sexy in my opinion lol!!!

Just over 5 months

I don't have much to say other than I am pretty sure I don't like my results. Basically I wanted more lift. I tried to stay positive but the reality is that I was trying to spare my surgeon's feelings. He is an absolute godsend to boobs, he does do amazing work. I just happen to be one of those girls who didn't get what she wanted. I have no appointments scheduled to see him until March, I will have to bite the bullet and be honest when I do see him. How do I do that without sounding aweful?
Ottawa Plastic Surgeon

Dr Nodwell is tremendously professional and tactful. He has a way about him that eases you into the experience of plastic surgery. He takes the time to know the reasons you are sitting in his consult room and ensures he understands your desired final look. Him and his nurse make the physical evaluation a breeze. Their bedside manners are impeccable. Following through to suggesting the best medical intervention and sizing is of utmost importance and no decision is final until he knows you are completely comfortable with it all. Now I wait for my surgery and if I have any concerns between now and then I simply need to call his practice and they will find a spot for me to go back and discuss it with Dr Nodwell. That being said, I'm fully confident about everything that will be taking place therefore I remain confident and super excited for my surgery. :) more to come ladies!

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