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I had my first consultation mid August. I had...

I had my first consultation mid August. I had nothing to compare it to so at first I thought it was good. I thought the doctor was a little short and cold but I wasn’t expecting a super nice person. When I first left the consultation I thought that I would go with that doctor and cancel my second consultation (less time off work). BUT the next day I came to my senses and realized that if I’m making this big decision I better do my due diligence and see at least 2 doctors.

So I had my second consultation with Dr. Nodwell at the end of August. I couldn’t believe how different the two consultations were. Dr. Nodwell and all of his staff were so nice, made me feel comfortable and really took the time to find out what I wanted. I am SO glad I decided to stick with my second consultation because it gave me something to compare the first one too. The first doctor didn’t really even ask me when I wanted, he just told me what he was going to do- he never asked me why or what ‘look’ I was going for. We never talked about profiles or BWD...

Dr. Nodwell asked why I wanted this, what I was hoping for and really explained the different sizes and profiles based on my BWD. All of his nurses were so friendly and knowledgeable and made me feel less nervous. After my second consult I cannot imagine having the first doctor do my procedure- I would have no idea what I was getting into and I don’t think I would have made an informed size choice.

After the consult the nurse gave me a package of what to expect on the day before, day of and days after the surgery. It was really helpful information because I am the type of person who feels less nervous/ anxious when I know in depth what to expect.

I will have one more pre op appointment with Dr. Nodwell and his nurses to confirm size/ profile and to discuss pre/ post op instructions. I am super nervous/ excited/ scared/ eager... ETC.

Pic stats

Here is my starting canvas.. 36A/ 34B

415hp round silicone sizers at my consult

Dream boobs!

Booked my surgery

Freaking out a little... Booked my surgery, pre op and post op dates! My surgeon was able to accommodate my very specific dates which I am happy about. I just have to figure out how to make sure the time is booked off work without telling anyone the reason. I don't care if people can tell after the fact but I just reallllllllyyy don't want to have that convo with my boss.
I have attached another 'before pic' a few more wish pics.. And one 'please don't make me look like this' pic

Ideal implant?!

Holy moly, I'm just over 2 weeks away from my surgery! My final pre op is next Wednesday... I thought I had decided on 415cc round, hp silicone... But now I'm not sure. This site is the best but also the worst because I'm second guessing all of the decisions I thought I had already made haha.
Has anyone gone with the Ideal Implant? It's a new product, it's saline but it has a bunch of different 'lumens'.. Like little pockets so it moves and feels like silicone. This is so attractive to me. Saline seems to have so many benefits over silicone... The idea of MRIs to check if they've ruptured doesn't sound fun.

Anyone have any thoughts/ suggestions/ experiences with Ideal Implants? Thanks so much!!
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So far so good! Will review after!

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