5'8, 150lbs, No Kids. 415cc IDEAL IMPLANT under the muscle. 32A to 32DDD

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I had my first consultation mid August. I had...

I had my first consultation mid August. I had nothing to compare it to so at first I thought it was good. I thought the doctor was a little short and cold but I wasn’t expecting a super nice person. When I first left the consultation I thought that I would go with that doctor and cancel my second consultation (less time off work). BUT the next day I came to my senses and realized that if I’m making this big decision I better do my due diligence and see at least 2 doctors.

So I had my second consultation with Dr. Nodwell at the end of August. I couldn’t believe how different the two consultations were. Dr. Nodwell and all of his staff were so nice, made me feel comfortable and really took the time to find out what I wanted. I am SO glad I decided to stick with my second consultation because it gave me something to compare the first one too. The first doctor didn’t really even ask me when I wanted, he just told me what he was going to do- he never asked me why or what ‘look’ I was going for. We never talked about profiles or BWD...

Dr. Nodwell asked why I wanted this, what I was hoping for and really explained the different sizes and profiles based on my BWD. All of his nurses were so friendly and knowledgeable and made me feel less nervous. After my second consult I cannot imagine having the first doctor do my procedure- I would have no idea what I was getting into and I don’t think I would have made an informed size choice.

After the consult the nurse gave me a package of what to expect on the day before, day of and days after the surgery. It was really helpful information because I am the type of person who feels less nervous/ anxious when I know in depth what to expect.

I will have one more pre op appointment with Dr. Nodwell and his nurses to confirm size/ profile and to discuss pre/ post op instructions. I am super nervous/ excited/ scared/ eager... ETC.

Pic stats

Here is my starting canvas.. 36A/ 34B

415hp round silicone sizers at my consult

Dream boobs!

Booked my surgery

Freaking out a little... Booked my surgery, pre op and post op dates! My surgeon was able to accommodate my very specific dates which I am happy about. I just have to figure out how to make sure the time is booked off work without telling anyone the reason. I don't care if people can tell after the fact but I just reallllllllyyy don't want to have that convo with my boss.
I have attached another 'before pic' a few more wish pics.. And one 'please don't make me look like this' pic

Ideal implant?!

Holy moly, I'm just over 2 weeks away from my surgery! My final pre op is next Wednesday... I thought I had decided on 415cc round, hp silicone... But now I'm not sure. This site is the best but also the worst because I'm second guessing all of the decisions I thought I had already made haha.
Has anyone gone with the Ideal Implant? It's a new product, it's saline but it has a bunch of different 'lumens'.. Like little pockets so it moves and feels like silicone. This is so attractive to me. Saline seems to have so many benefits over silicone... The idea of MRIs to check if they've ruptured doesn't sound fun.

Anyone have any thoughts/ suggestions/ experiences with Ideal Implants? Thanks so much!!

Pre Ops Done! Going with Ideal Implant

I had my final consult with my surgeon and my hospital pre op yesterday. I am having waves of anxiety and then excitement. I'm 11 days out from surgery now.

I was going between silicone and the new Ideal Implant. Initially I had some reservations about silicone... mostly because I would worry (all the time) about whether or not they had been punctured. I am into high risk sports like snowboarding, wakeboarding, hockey... and I'm also CLUMSY so I worried about not knowing what their condition was.

Before I knew about the Ideal Implant I really didn't consider the saline because of rippling and the unatural feel. But then my surgeon shared with me these NEW, saline implants that have been engineered to feel and act more like silicone. They ripple significantly less and feel a lot like silicone. I had a demo Ideal and silicone implant under a cloth and I couldn't feel the difference. I love the comfort of knowing that my implants are good (or not!) and that it's just saline in there.

I stayed with the profile and size I had originally chose, 415cc high profile, round, under the muscle. I've got a lot of junk in my trunk and I'm tall, so my doctor assured me these will look natural.

I'm excited! I can't wait! I really hope they look good, natural and that there are no complications. My partner keeps telling me 'THINK POSITIVE' so that's what I'm doing.

Dr Nodwell and his team have been amazing throughout this entire process. They gave pre/ post vitamins which is supposed to help with wound healing and recovery.

Will post a few more pre pictures before my surgery. YAY!

A few more before pics

A few more before pics. I am SO excited and a little bit anxious. 9 more days!!! I'm making a few last minute preparations like food prep, buying the pre op antibacterial soap, picking up my prescriptions buying an ice pack... I don't want to buy a ton of stuff like I've seen girls do and then they don't end up using 90% of it, but any other suggestions for what I might need pre-op that you guys found useful?
I can't wait to post AFTER pics! WOOOOOO

Day dreaming

I'm so excited!!! I just look at pics of boobs all day my bf thinks I'm ridiculous. I have a few more 'wish pics' that I'm hoping to turn out like!!

Hello from the other side

Surgery yesterday went well! Dr Nodwell was amazing- he's so nice and reassuring. I was pretty nervous, mostly about the anaesthetic but before I knew it I was asleep. I woke up feeling good... Only about a 2/10 on the pain scale! Dr Nodwell let me know that I had some local freezing inside which I appreciated because I had a 2 hour drive home.
The drive was fine.. Got home and chilled on the couch before going to bed. I took 2 pain pills before bed and woke up 4 hours later in fairly major pain. About an 8/10... I took another 2 pain pills as I was due but the pain is still pretty bad. Mostly in my sternum... Radiating and really hot feeling. I tried ice but it seemed to make it worse, tried heat don't think that helped either... Tried to reposition myself (currently sleeping upright) but not hm is helping. I'm trying to distract myself by reading Real Self reviews and reminding myself that this is temporary... I can take another 2 pain pills in 2 hours maybe that will help.
The nurse should be calling tomorrow perhaps she can suggest some better pain management techniques.
I am very happy to have the week off work so I don't have to worry about not sleeping..
In terms of size, I haven't seen them outside the surgical bra but I'm digging what I see for sure!! Can't wait to start feeling a little less pain!

My bf has been amazing throughout this whole thing, helping me get up and out of bed/ couch and bringing me pills and water. Perhaps I'll feel better in the morning when I eat something bcuz I've hardly eaten since before surgery.

Happy healing to all the other Nov surgeries! Send me your healing powers!!!!

Day 1 pic updates.

This was before my first shower so I was still covered in the pink/ purple soap residue. I love them even though they're crazy looking... I think they're going to be so perfect once they D + F. woooohooooo!!!

Day 3 PO

I was really nauseous this morning ... was sick to my stomach and spent the morning sleeping it off. Dr Nodwell's nurse said it's probably the anesthetic being cleared out of my system... misery.

My pain is only at about 2/10 but I am lethargic and feel pretty crummy. Of course I'm stiff, but I think my range of motion is improving. I'm off the hardcore pain killers which I think will help me feel better overall. My incisions look amazing!! They are so thin I can't believe it!

Hoping I'm on the up now! YAY to healing and D + F!

Day 5 PO

I'm feeling good! Day 3 was pretty horrible. Yesterday was good- I actually drove into the city for my first post op appointment. Dr. Nodwell says everything is looking good and that I'm on the path to recovery (WOO HOO!)

He gave me a complimentary scar reduction kit which is so great- since I figured it'd cost extra! He cleared me for light, low impact cardio so I went to the gym last night and did 45 minutes on an upright bike. I felt great after. I was expecting to feel it this morning but nope, just standard stiffness!

Dr Nodwell said in about 10 days (2 weeks from my surgery) I'll be good to step up the intensity of my cardio (still no running) and also do lower body weights! And then I have a 5 week post op where he said if everything is going as planned I'll be cleared for all activity! OH and I'm not supposed to lift my arms above my head. I'm trying my best to stick to his recommendations.

He said that he doesn't recommend massaging (which surprised me). He said that he places the implants where their supposed to be and that as long as they're healing properly there's no reason to move them around.

They're still quite numb- my right more than my left. And they still feel like heavy, foreign sand bags on my chest. Can't wait for them to settle in and get squishy!

Just over a week Post Op!

I am 8 days post op! I have completely stopped all pain meds as of day 6. My pain is infrequent but I still feel pretty uncomfortable. Certain things still "hurt" like putting on a coat (thanks a lot Canadian winter...). My right breast continues to drop and get squishier... my left breast is lagging behind but I think it's still doing well. I've been walking and doing moderately intense cardio on the upright bike. The anaesthesia really did a number on my digestive system.. I'm still not eating meat because it really upsets my stomach. I've been keeping it pretty vegetarian and still drinking lots of smoothies and soup.
Loving the size so far, I think it's perfect! I can't wait for things to really settle and I can get some cleavage! :D

Here are some pictures... PS. if you think my sternum looks weird it's because I've photoshopped my tattoo out of every picture!! haha

Ice vs Heat

I forgot to mention this in my last post... although it's almost worthy of it's own post. I read so much on Real Self about how ice helped a lot of ladies in their BA recovery. I completely disagree!! Icing was misery! I actually only ended up ever icing for mayyyybbe 5 minutes.

Heat was my saving grace! It was like an instant relief, like my tight, stressed out muscles and skin just relaxed instantly. I had my heated blanket was pretty much on 24/7 for the first week and I've slept with it every night.

Just wanted to share in case other ladies were preparing for surgery- might be a good option! :D

Almost at the 2 week mark!

Feeling better every day.. still taking it easy as my surgeon suggested I don't lift my arms above my head until about week 3. He also doesn't recommend massaging unless there is a problem that we're trying to fix. The pain is gone, the discomfort is 99% gone. I'm stiff in the mornings but other than that it's all good. I've been doing cardio (just upright bike and walking) every day and I can start doing lower body at the gym tomorrow (woo hoo!)

Definitely still need to drop more and need to be squishier.. but I know that'll come with time. My scars look amazing! I can't believe how small and thin they are... especially compared to some of the ones I've seen on here! Dr. Nodwell is an artist!

Will update weekly now, or when something significant happens because there's not a ton of change day-today. Happy healing everyone!

7 weeks out! The strap.

I'm about 7 weeks out from my surgery. I love them more and more everyday. They are dropping and getting squishier. I saw my PS last week and he gave me a strap to wear to get my left girl to settle to the same height as my right.

Still minor tenderness but overall feeling amazing. My PS cleared me for all activity, did upper body yesterday at the gym for the first time. I did LIGHT weights but it felt good to be back! Looking forward to gaining my strength back and watching the strap work it's magic!


Oh yeah- almost forgot to mention.. I went to Victoria's Secret the other day and got sized... 32DDD/ 34DD

Buying bras is a foreign activity for me since I didn't really need one before and couldn't actually fill any out. I bought one bra to start off with but still rocking the sports bra until I am freed of the strap!
Ottawa Plastic Surgeon

Amazing from beginning to end... his staff have had quick response time to my (many) pre op questions... and my post op concerns as well. He made me a lot less nervous abut the entire process, especially surgery day. He is so kind and comforting and never made me feel uncomfortable or nervous. I was happy that he provided complimentary pre and post op vitamins and minerals (glyconutrients) which was important to me because I know how important this is for recovery time. I would recommend him FOR SURE- amazing!

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