11 months since straight explant, no lift and feel myself again!!!

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I received a tummy tuck and breast augmentation...

I received a tummy tuck and breast augmentation (280 cc under the muscle) 3 years ago after having my two children. I now regret the implants. They have just never felt like me. I went back to my same surgeon to have the implants out. He was not supportive - said they were very nice and I it would be mutilation! Telling me that they wouldn't look nice afterwards and I may not be happy. I assured him I would be fine and asked him to book the surgery. After the tummy tuck I was left with an "outie" belly button which I have never had so I asked if that could be fixed at the same time. He said that he would try and it is likely the result of a hernia under the belly button. Good news is it is ALL covered by my Province's health care coverage OHIP (I live in Ontario, Canada). I am so excited to have my very own non-plastic breasts back!!

surgery date booked - September 11/13 - can't wait!!!

Forgot to mention in my earlier post that my surgery date has been moved up (to September 11 from October 9th). I feel like I can't get these out soon enough!

surgery pushed back one week :(

My Dr's office called to tell me my surgery (explant and belly button hernia) will be pushed back one week to Sept. 18th : ( Such a bummer but at least it's only the following week. I'm actually not nervous at all, although I will likely be when the day gets closer, but I am just so ready to have these implants removed. They aren't very big, 280 cc, but I am just so excited to be myself again.

had my pre-op appointment yesterday

and this is now all feeling so real. I am feeling vain and flaky at booking and having an actual surgery just to get implants out when so many others were there at the hospital for more "legitimate" health issues. My friends say they look great, that they would love to have these breasts but I can't shake the feeling that they just don't feel like me. Even though they are small (280 cc), with a bra on under a t-shirt they look and feel really big to me. I have wavered on the decision to do this a lot in the last few days. It's all I think about! But ultimately I feel it's the best decision for me. I also don't want my daughter, who is 6 years old now to grow up thinking she is going to have breasts that look like this. I just really like the natural look - the Vogue magazine look of lean frames and small breasts. Not sure why I got these things in the first place.... Surgery is on Wednesday at 7:30 a.m. I'm excited and anxious, haven't had a proper nights sleep in a few days!

Explant done!

And I feel great! I'm looking pretty flat right now but I am loving that feeling. I snuck a peek in the post op room and was thrilled not to see those two balls on my chest anymore. I am feeling good and have no pain although I took a Percocet when I got home just to stay ahead of it. I am so glad I did this. I took some before pics last night and will post some befor and after pics soon. Thank you to all the amazing women who have done this before me and shared their stories on this site. It has helped me tremendously in making the decision I know is right for me.

Day 2 after explant

I am actually surprised how good I am feeling. My energy is coming back and I haven't had to use any pain medication. My doctor called last night and said I could take my wrapping off but just to leave on the part covering the stiches. The most discomfort is from the umbilical hernia repair but even that isn't bad at all. The hardest thing is seeing my very flat chest and every so often the dreaded "did I make the right decision?" creeps in. I did have such nice implants and there were no problems with them. But I just couldn't shake the feeling that they didn't feel like me. I am really hoping from all the reviews I have read on here that my breasts will start to "fluff" and fill in a little. Just remaining positive and pushing out those little doubtful thoughts. I will try to post some before and after photos, taken the day before and the day after surgery.

Before and after pics

been a tough time

Well the euphoria I felt following my surgery definitely wore off and I felt like I came crashing down. All I could think was "what have I done?" and I kept hearing the comments my friends made prior to the explant about how nice my implants were and how they would kill for breasts like those. All of a sudden I couldn't even remember WHY I wanted to do an explant in the first place. I just looked down and saw flat breasts and a major concave chest. I fought back tears and my husband didn't really understand, he just wants me to be happy. I went to Victoria Secret and broke down crying in the change room in front of the salesgirl. I had no idea how attached I'd been to those dumb implants. Who knew! lol. My doctor is a nice guy but I don't think he does many explants. When I asked him if they will fill out and fluff and just laughed it off. I was so down I deleted all my pics on here because I couldn't bear to see them. I am feeling a little better now after reading more reviews on here about how the breasts get some of their old shape back. I know I just have to be patient, which isn't one of my strengths. lol. I'm a runner and normally when I feel down I head out for a run. I think the lack of activity is adding to the feelings of depression. I can't wait to run again. Thank you to all of those who have posted about feeling down afterwards (if you did) it has helped to know I'm not the only one.

Feeling much better

Thank you for the messages of support. I really appreciate it. It's just a time of adjustment and although time off work at home is great for physical recovery, it also gives you a little too much time to think, and overthink things! I am already starting to embrace what I look like now, and even prefer it. It's me. And these little boobies breast fed two beautiful babies who are now two strong healthy amazing kids and endured me sticking toxic plastic under them. I know that as time goes on I will be a much more confident, happy woman for my decision to explant and make the choice to be real and natural. It is also really important to me that my daughter not grow up thinking breasts look like implanted ones. Thanks again to everyone who has sent me messages of support and for posting your own reviews. Such a great group of strong, caring internet girlfriends. Hugs.

3 week update

Tomorrow will be three weeks since my explant and I can say I am loving my little boobies again. I have noticed that I no longer cross my arms across my chest when speaking to people and stand much taller and more confidently, no longer trying to hide my chest. To me it felt the world could tell my breasts were fake, even though my implants weren't that big. I had a check up with my doctor today and he is very happy with how well the incision sites are healing (under the breast fold). There is barely a sign that I was cut there just three weeks ago. I feel great and have begun to run again. I am so glad I got those implants out before any problems and now I am able to enjoy feeling natural. Thanks for all of your updates and photos. I don't think I would have done this without all of you posting on this site about your experiences.

To all the women considering to explant

Don't be discouraged by your consult. My doctor, who was the doctor who had put my implants in, is the one I went to when I decided I wanted them out. My implants looked great (to other people, not me) and I had no problems with them and my health was good. I just didn't feel like me. My doctor told me I would not like the way my breasts would look and I would look like an old woman. Although it was tough to hear, I was confident in my decision at that point and so he said it was my choice. I don't think my doctor was being mean he genuinely just didn't want me to be unhappy. I think the issue was just that he hadn't done many straight explants without replacement and so wasn't familiar with how the breasts would respond. Fast forward to 3 weeks after my explant and my doctor was very pleasantly surprised and said my breasts looked very nice. So the reason for writing this my friends, is that you should be strong in your decision as there may not be the support (initially) from your doctor that you were hoping for. I told myself that I was determined to do this and if I wasn't happy with the results I could decide what to do about that at a later time (breast lift, highly doubted it, but re-implant). Basically I'm saying, GO FOR IT. Natural feels amazing!

4 month pics

Hello all. Time flies and I realized that I am at about 4 months since my explant. Fluffing really does happen and my breasts have filled in nicely. I took some quick pics which aren't the greatest but show how they have changed. I'm really happy I did this and feel much more confident now. There are moments when, for a few minutes, I'll wonder if I should have left the implants in - usually when I'm looking at a fitness magazine (where it seems every model has them) or watching something where a woman has implants and I think they look nice. Other than that I have been very confident with my decision. I feel much leaner and it feels nice to be natural. Good luck to everyone and thank you so much for all of the support and reviews on this site. By the way, I learned after the implants were out that I actually had 260 cc (under the muscle, silicone, high profile) and not 280 like I had thought. I am 5'4" and 115 lbs.

Forgot to mention...husbands love explants too!

I have read a bit on this site about women worrying about what their husbands/partners will think about their breasts after the explant - well I can tell you my husband loves them now. He never had a problem with the implants but revealed recently that he always felt nervous that he would pop them. He absolutely LOVES the feel of my breasts now in his hands now and touches them so much more. The little secret I have learned about men - they love CONFIDENT women. There is just something more carnal and sexy about being natural and not having porn star breasts that kind of scream "I'm insecure". It doesn't matter what you have it's having the CONFIDENCE to rock what God gave you that turns them on. Not that it's all about the men, but just say'n. And really, would men even consider undergoing surgery to put plastic balloons filled with toxic material in their chests? Doubt it. When you think of it, implants are silly. We need to just love ourselves and that joy and happiness will spread to the young girls who are (closely) watching us. You are beautiful ladies - in whatever shape, size and breast size you are. Just start believing that cuz it's true!!!

11 months after explant and so happy to be myself again

A quick update... next month will be a full year since my explant and I couldn't be happier. Just a recap - I got 260 cc silicone implants under the muscle after breastfeeding two children. I had no issues with them but they just never felt like me. After having them for 3 years, I decided to take them out. Just a straight explant, no lift and only implants removed. The recovery from the explant was a breeze. It was just the emotions that were the tough part - seeing myself so flat initially after being used to filling out C cup bras etc... I am 5'4" 115 lbs and now 36 years old. I work out regularly running sprints on the treadmill and lifting weights and sometimes run outdoors when I can. It really takes a year to see and feel your true results ladies. Even in the last couple of months my breasts feel much firmer than after the surgery. My nipple sensation has improved greatly and I barely felt anything with my nipples when the implants were in. I thought it was due to breastfeeding, which in part is true, but the sensation has returned quite a bit. I wont' lie, over the past year it has even crossed my mind to get implants again, and question whether I should have just left them in. But I have now fully accepted my natural breasts and love them and feel so much more confident and in tune with my body. I feel more confident to wear sexy/revealing clothes. With the implants I would try to hide my breasts thinking I would look silly putting those things on display and to me they looked obviously fake and slutty instead of true sexiness. I now think of breast implants as prosthetic tits. I can't imagine that every day women are making the decision to stick plastic into their bodies. Thank you to all the women, once again, on this explant site for supporting and encouraging one another!
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