Almost Two Months In - Great Results So Far - Oshawa, ON

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I've been taking Clarus (Accutane) for about two...

I've been taking Clarus (Accutane) for about two months now. I weigh 120 pounds and started off on 30mg a day for 15 days and then progressed to 60mg a day for 15 days. My dosage has since been bumped up to 70mg a day. Before I started taking the medication, I had EXTREMELY oily hair and skin. I found myself constantly wiping my face throughout the day, sometimes having to completely reapply my foundation altogether. I couldn't wear eyeshadow because it would clump up in seconds. I would also have to wash my hair with a strong medicated shampoo almost daily, and even then it would still look oily by the end of the day. In addition to this, I would also get very large, painful cystic lesions on my face. It started around age 16 and has only gotten worse with age (I am now 23). I have tried every over-the-counter product, spa treatment, and birth control pill in order to rid myself of acne. I've also tried every doctor prescribed topical cream and antibiotic that's out there and to no avail. Therefore my doctor finally caved and decided to put me on Accutane. I noticed within the first month that my acne got a lot worse (as was to be expected). The lesions became enlarged and red (as shown by the pictures). However, I noticed that the extra oiliness in my face and hair completely disappeared almost instantly. IT'S AMAZING. In the second month I developed a rash from my knuckles to my shoulders on each arm, however this was easily treated with cortisone cream. My acne has since started to improve, as of right now I only have one small active cyst on my right cheek. If I can give any piece of advice to someone thinking about taking Accutane: a) do it and b) stock up on lip chap like your life depends on it. I find that to be the worst part of the treatment so far, especially with it being winter in Canada.
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