Pain After 10 Years from Lipo on Inner Legs

I wanted to reduce my thighs from fact on the...

I wanted to reduce my thighs from fact on the upper inner part of my legs. It was a disaster unforunatley I do not have the funds to correct it. I just want the pain to go away.

10 years ago I had lipo suction on my inner legs. Unfortunately it did not come out smooth. However that is not an issue. I have suffered with pain from day one and it still continues. A burning strong pain. when I exercise it is worst. Sometimes I cannot move my legs. the doctor has passed away so I cannot go back to him. I feel like maybe it is nerve damage. What is my problem and can it be corrected?
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I had a tumy tuck and an ifection started with the lipo. Agia it does not matter all I want is to be pain free in my legs

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