42yrs Old, 2 Kids, from a 32C to a 42FFF, Sad but Hopeful for my Day to Like the Mirror Again - Orlando, FL

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His reviews and people I know who have used him,...

His reviews and people I know who have used him, makes me have extreme hope for when my day comes to fix what gravity took away. My husband loves them Huge but try to find a sexy bra that most stores don't even carry your size. Victoria secret, target, etc... Specialty stores are expensive but can make a bra look pretty but there's not enough wire to keep the bra from poking you and then ripping. It shouldn't be something a woman should have to deal with after all we already go through their whole life that men don't understand. But to look in the mirror and see what they looked like before kids or other situations and age setting in, starts pilling up in your mind. Looking at old photos and your kids saying " wow, you WERE so pretty" hurts. Women!!!!!!.... If your boobs are slightly too small or sag very bad, think about having a LIFT before going through a surgery and not knowing the outcome that could mentally and physically and emotionally change how you feel about yourself. And go small if you Need implants because they always look bigger when done. Don't use silicone, my moms boob bursted, leaving her with one very large boob and one regular but very very obvious to everyone who looked at her. Go to many surgeons and research everything about them and their past. Don't go with the cheapest guy who promises you the world, go to someone who warns you of the outcome and what could happen and that if you're not happy, what he will do fix it.
The only reason I will have this done is because of pain and inability to wear a bathing suit or not being able to just wear a bra without a tight cami to keep them in place.
For the women who remove ribs and go to severe efforts to make them bigger than your head, well.. You're unhealthy in your mind and now your body and it will catch up to you. It's sad. Love yourself and don't butcher your body just to get attention from perverts and break down the body God gave you, it's sacred.
Dr. Trevisani will do it

I won't be able to put my breast that were perfect size small, firm 32 C's, after children, now a 38 x DDD's. Hate myself in the mirror, ugly bras, weigh down my posture and hurt my back. I'm not a big woman, so people think I've already gotten them done, but special bras and always have to wear cami's just to keep them in the bra, can't wear a sports bra without them looking like 1giant boob. TONS OF RESEARCH AND KNOW 2 people who went to this 1 plastic surgeon who works miracles, he's in Florida, Dr. Trevisani. Check out his reviews and send me your feedback, because when my last sweet child goes into Air Force, I'll be able to afford it easier and head straight there, Knowing He does a FANTASTIC job every time. But, love yourself and don't let 1 physical problem ruin who You are or how you look at yourself. It's probably Only You that even knows that you have a secret sadness about how you look. I preach good, but I fight with the same issues everyday too. Be positive and fight back. MAKE THE SURGEON FEAR WHAT YOU CAN LEGALLY DO TO TAKE HIS LICENSE AWAY!

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