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Yesterday I had my lips done but I'm not liking...

Yesterday I had my lips done but I'm not liking what it looks like. It was very painful despite the Lidocane cream applied before the injections. I'm not a baby but this hurt a lot. Now my left upper lip is still swollen more than the right side. What I really don't like is somehow my jowls are more accentuated. I think it may be because the lips are pushing downward being so swollen. Anyway, I'm not liking what I see so far. Has anyone else had this happen? I guess it's not that unusual but I'm certainly disappointed.

Day 4 not much better

My lower lip is really bruised on one side. The top lip is still duck looking and still numb in the middle. Also on the inside of the top lip in the middle it feels like a small sore. Not happy. The office called on Thursday and I said how swollen my lips were and the receptionist said she would tell the person who did my lips but I didn't receive an return call. Should it still be numb and painful?

Still sore

It will be a week tomorrow that I had my lips done. The top is still swollen and right in the middle of the top lip is a very sore lump. There is now some bruising on the top lip too. The bruise on my bottom lip is gradually going away. Never, ever again will I do this to my face. She also wanted to inject my cheeks. Thank God I said no. I can't imagine what I'd look like had I let her do that.

Looks good but........

It will be 2 weeks tomorrow since I had my lips done. They look very nice but I still have several very sore spots, especially the middle of the top lip. You know how when you put lipstick on you kinda mush your lips together, well when I do that it hurts. All that aside, they look very nice and natural but if I decide to have them done again I'll go somewhere else.
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