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Today is the day I hit my just push me off a cliff...

Today is the day I hit my just push me off a cliff weight. I am officially obese. I don't feel I look obese but it is what it is. This is probably just going to give me more fuel to the fire to get it done just to get some of this weight off me. I'm a mom to a 10 month old and she is still nursing. I don't know if weaning would help or just make me pack on even more pounds. Speaking of, the butt lift isn't the only thing I want to have done. I also want a tummy tuck and a breast lift or reduction but I want to wait until I'm pretty sure I'm done having kids for that. I have a consultation in the middle of September and so getting a real price quote and figuring out financing options might push this ahead sooner than I anticipate. I was thinking of doing it over winter break which also coincides with tax refunds.

First Consultation

So I had my first consultation with Dr. Oppenheimer in Orlando. First I will say that I was told over the phone that they charge 4k for a BBL and go from there, you know, not including anesthesia, etc. Doesn't seem too bad. In reality, I was quoted 12,000 for everything with the fat being lipo'd from my back/love handles. Needless to say, I left feeling super defeated because that is completely out of my price range. Starting to wonder if 1k spent on a personal trainer wouldn't be better for my health and wallet. I guess I should look at other doctors in the area and see if I can't find a better deal or not.
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