Botox Took Care of my "Angry Mom" Look - Orlando, FL

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I've had the "angry mom" lines...

I've had the "angry mom" lines between my eyebrows for a decade. I have had Botox 4 times, with two different professionals. The first one had a set rate of $375 and seemed to have a need to use up an entire vial or something. In addition to treating the place between my brows, she also did my forehead, which I didn't like. It seemed to make me look too plastic. I went to someone new this week. She only charged me for the Botox she used ($125 less!) and only treated the areas I wanted treated. I am extremely happy with the result. My advice would be to find out exactly what are you paying for...the Botox you want/need, or the Botox the practitioner wants to sell you.

Julia Storti

The nurse practitioner asked me exactly what I wanted treated. She gave me a quote based on exactly what I needed. She let me know in advance what type of results I could expect. She talked me through the entire procedure and the results were excellent.

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