Suffering from Acne Scars - Orlando, FL

So I want to give a brief summary on my acne....

So I want to give a brief summary on my acne. Since middle school I have been dealing with acne. I have tried minocyclin, doxycyclin, spironolactone, clindamycin phosphate lotion, ziana, and tretinoin cream. But nothing has worked. I almost even went on accutane but ended up chickening out. After changing my diet my face has cleared up a lot, but I still get a few big pimples here and there. What I can't get rid of is my blackheads. Now that my face is somewhat clearing up I have noticed that I have some scars that I would like to improve. I have very VERY sensitive skin and I want to know what method would work best on my scars. Please write me back if you have any ideas on what would help! Thank you:)
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