Nightmare - Lower Blepharoplasty - Orlando, FL

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Went to PS for botox and he pointed out fat pads...

Went to PS for botox and he pointed out fat pads below eyes. I never noticed them before. He said I would look really good with them removed. I asked if my big eyes would get smaller or change shape and he said no,would just take out a pinch. Has been 2 months. My eyes are tiny, I have long scars going downwards (had no wrinkles before), have hollows under eyes and under one eye it looks like someone took a shovel and scooped a chunk out. The outer top lid at outer corners is very narrow and was pulled down making my eyes shorter in length and smaller with an unnatural rounded look at corners. I looked 30 before surgery and now look 42. Everyone has said I looked beter before and now look old and tired. Everytime I look in the mirror I hate what I see. I have cried many tears and am now seeing a counsellor.

I found out later this PS has a reputation as being a "butcher." My self esteem is gone and I feel like a he took advantage of me. I had beautiful eyes before and rec'd so may compliments on them. I should have ran out of there when he was trying to push other surgeries on me like a tummy tuck (I am 104 lbs) I said I don't want a tummy tuck and he made a comment that I have a little belly and I would benefit from one. I said I am ok with my little belly. Everyone that has seen me before has noticed my eyes being smaller and of course the scars, but I am told that will fade in time. I miss my big eyes so much! Hate the hollows, very aging!

I did not need this surgery yet, trusted this PS and I have to live with this for the rest of my life. Please see more than one PS before you do anything. I do not want anyone else to have their life destroyed because of some PS out to make money on someone who does not need a procedure yet.

Dr A. at corner of Windemere/Apopka

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