29 Yr Old Mom with Two Children Wanting Fuller and Lifted Pre-baby Breasts - Orlando, FL

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I am a little over 2 months away from surgery and...

I am a little over 2 months away from surgery and am looking forward to regaining somewhat of my "pre baby" breasts. I gained 60 pounds during both of my pregnancies and my breasts grew to a DDD in size. I am 5'6'' and about 162 pounds and looking to become a large C, small D. I am currently a large B and I really liked the 425-450 cc HP implants. The breast implants alone will not be enough to give me the desired results I would like, so I will also have a vertical mastopexy at the time of surgery. I am excited for the surgery and hoping to have a smooth recovery.
Orlando Plastic Surgeon

I had a great consultation with Dr. Fiala. We first met in his office and it made me feel comfortable I was able to sit down and speak with him first before going into the examination room. He explained everything to me so I was able to understand and answered all of my questions. He was very helpful in assisting with the implant selection and I liked that he did measurements first in order to find an implant that fit my frame. I feel confident in my selection of him as my surgeon!

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