28 Yr Old, 1 Child, Sad Saggy Post Breastfeeding Breasts. Orlando, FL

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I've have a few consults with different doctors,...

I've have a few consults with different doctors, and I'm most definitely in need of a lift with my implants that I want. I've three different doctors give me three different lift options. THe Doctor I've most recently seen has been my favorite and I'm most likely going with him. His suggestion is that I have a doughnut lift on one breast and a lollipop on the other as it sags an inch and a half lower than the other. Has anyone had this done (with two different lifts for each breast)? I feel a little indifferent about it..

28 Yrs Old, 1 Child, Sad Boobies Need BL/BA

So I've always been in need of some help in the boobie dept as they've always been saggy but breastfeeding just made them much worse. I've had 3 consults with 3 different plastic surgeons. The last one I saw was the best. I felt extremely comfortable with him and his suggestions.He suggested a lollipop lift on my left breast (bc it hangs lower than other) and a concentric (doughnut) lift on my right. I was apprehensive at first with this suggestion of mixed lifts but I'm feeling better about it now. I'm also getting implants. Unsure of size. I tried on high profile 400cc sizers and they're conservative for my body. I know I'll wish I went bigger. I'm choosing under the muscle as I like the little bit of natural slope. Any suggestions, advice, etc..I'm calling to make my surgery appt tomorrow! Hopefully for mid-July :)

Scheduled my surgery!

Eep! It's real now. My surgery is July 13th! :-)

Post BL/BA sports bras?

Looking for advice on some good/comfortable sports bras for after surgery when done with the surgica bra. TIA :)

Another consult

I had a second consult with my PS today to ask some questions and try on other brand's sizers. I was going to do Mentor HP round 400-425cc but have now decided on Allergan HP round 450cc. I like the projection more. Tomorrow is my pre op appt. I'm wavering between excited and nervous as the time approaches. :-)

Surgery date moved

Well, my original surgery date was the 13th and has now been pushed to the 22nd, all thanks to a wonderful UTI. :(
I'm thankful for my doctor being so cautious and not wanting to do surgery with an infection in my body, though.


Less than 12 hours and I'll have my new sister twins ;-) I'm as nervous as can be. Eek!
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