Day 1 Results for Juvederm in Marionette Lines / Nasolabial Folds

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Day one and I'm not happy with Juvederm in my...

Day one and I'm not happy with Juvederm in my marionette lines/nasolabial folds...yet.

I have a VERY thin face from losing a lot of weight from being sick a few years ago--and if you read the latest Plastic Surgery Journal, it's a result of the weight loss--plus I have thin skin, too. I AM thankful to be healthy. I just look 10 years older than I should!

While the nasolabial folds are definitely filled, the actual wrinkle/marionette lines are still there. I'm a little swollen around the lip area, from injecting the bottom of that fold, and there are a couple of red "dots" from where the needle was injected. The pain was moderate, and I have a tiny bit of bruising in one area near the lip where a bit more was needed. The most discouraging thing after 24 hours is to still see those wrinkles.

I'll post again on Day 7. Good luck out there, and don't lose too much weight! (Catherine Deneuve was right: it is your ass or your face)!

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