Just Got Aligners.. a Bit Nervous After Reading Here! - Orange County, CA

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So I just got my aligners yesterday. Total time of...

So I just got my aligners yesterday. Total time of aligners is 24 hours now. I am a bit nervous after reading several horror stories here.

First, I'm not afraid of the pain and discomfort. I have discomfort right now.. really just annoying more than anything. The most pain is coming from removing the bottom bracket! It feels like I am pulling my teeth out! The top remove just fine with some pressure.

I'm actually concerned for a couple things.

1, the provider is actually a dentist and not a orthodontist... Does anyone think this can play a big factor? Meaning, maybe the dentist doesn't have enough understanding of teeth movement.

2. My dentist is only a provider, not premier or Elite. Something I overlooked, but got sold when he told me he instructs and trains new Invisalign providers.

3. My crowding.. if it is doable with Invisalign. I took pictures with my aligners. It actually gives a better idea of how their position. I would say mild overcrowding, some may differ.

I've only had them for 24 hours. Just looking to see if anyone has any feedback. I'm not afraid to cut my losses this early, but I don't know what indications would lead to this.

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