I Want my Tattoo Removed ! - Orange County, CA

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Hello, Here is my story. About a week ago I...

Here is my story. About a week ago I decided to get the start of a 3/4 sleeve (which I Had thought about for several months) I already had several tattoos including a large upper back piece that I absolutely love. Now , this tattoo I got a few days ago is on the opposite end of that love spectrum. Don't get me wrong, it's very well done but it's just not what I want and does not flow well with my back piece. I just cannot get used to it and unfortunately it's on my upper arm so it's in a very visible area to me and others. I guess I got caught up in the adrenaline the day I got my tattoo that I forgot I had a voice to change what I didn't love!!! I feel very foolish, embarrassed,ashamed ,disappointed in myself and have been extremely depressed and literally sick to my stomach and ended up losing about 8 lbs in less than 1 week. Fortunately, i had a heart to heart with my best friend and started to feel better about my situation and have a more positive outlook. He doesn't think I need to remove the tattoo and thinks it's looks okay just maybe changed in a few spots. This has been very difficult and I'm hoping to get some feedback on tattoo removal for my skin color , the size of my tatto and any other feedback. I've done quite a bit of research just want to get out in the community and see if I can get some Insite
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